GOP Rep. Banks offers bill to codify Trump order prescribing classical architecture for federal buildings

EXCLUSIVE — Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., will introduce legislation Wednesday to codify an executive order by former President Trump that made classical architecture the model for new government buildings but which was axed by President Biden. The ‘”Beautifying Federal Civic Architecture Act” declares “traditional and classical” architectural styles to be preferred for new Federal government buildings. The legislative framework is modeled after Trump’s executive order on architecture that was bulldozed by Biden one month into his presidency. AMERICANS SAY BIDEN DESERVES A 2024 PRIMARY CHALLENGER: ‘SOMEBODY YOUNGER’ “The term ‘traditional architecture’ includes classical architecture; and the historic humanistic architecture, including Gothic, Romanesque, Pueblo Revival, Spanish Colonial, and other Mediterranean styles of architecture historically rooted in various regions of America,” the bill states. The bill denounces modern, “brutalist” styles of buildings made popular in the 20th century, defined as a “massive and block-like appearance with a rigid geometric style and large-scale use of exposed poured concrete.” Buildings should instead be modeled after the “Greek and Roman antiquity” such as the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court. SECOND NOMINEE PULLS OUT OF BIDEN JUDICIAL APPOINTMENT IN THE SAME MONTH Banks said his bill aims to restore respect for the beauty of traditional American culture. “The intentional design of some of our greatest landmarks goes back to our Founding Fathers, who knew the importance architecture played in the establishment of American culture,” Banks told Fox News Digital. “Requiring all new construction be thoughtfully developed in that same spirit preserves American exceptionalism and ensures federal buildings serve as a beautiful testament to our nation’s greatest ideals for generations to come.” REP JIM BANKS DEMANDS ANSWERS ON ‘INADEQUATE’ DOD CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE WAIVER GUIDANCE: ‘AGENTS’ OF THE CCP A 2020 poll from the National Civic Art Society found that 72% of American respondents prefer classical and traditional design for federal buildings. Justin Shubow, president of the National Civic Art Society, said he is fully behind Banks’ bill. “It is crucial that the design of federal buildings reflects the preferences of ordinary Americans — namely, that such buildings be beautiful, uplifting, and designed in a classical or traditional style,” Shubow told Fox News Digital. “Whereas the current government process for choosing building designs involves zero input from the community, this legislation democratizes design by requiring that there be substantial input from the general public.” The bill would establish a “President’s Council on Improving Federal Civic Architecture,” which would comprise current and former chairs of the Commission of Fine Arts, the Architect of the Capitol, the Commissioner of the Public Building Service of the Administration, and the Chief Architect of the Administration.
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