GOP Sen calls for criminal investigation into Trump trial judge over gag orders

Sen. J.D. Vance is demanding a criminal investigation into New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan over his enforcement of gag orders against former President Trump during his trial. The Ohio Republican, a strong advocate of the former president, called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to open an investigation into Merchan, specifically for depriving Trump of his First Amendment right to free speech. “The public evidence suggests that an investigation is warranted at least. And all indications are that the responsible parties have their sights set, not only on rights protected by the Constitution, but on rightsholders of core federal concern, including the leading candidate for the presidency,” Vance wrote in a letter to Garland. BIDEN ADMIN QUESTIONED OVER ABORTION PILL PUSH WITHOUT PROPER ENVIRONMENTAL STUDYHe cites two statutes to pursue Merchan under, one which prevents “conspiracies to ‘injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate’ others in the enjoyment of federally protected rights” and another to prohibit anyone from “willfully [depriving] a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” BIDEN WHITE HOUSE REJECTS ICC SANCTIONS PROPOSED BY LAWMAKERS AFTER ISRAEL WARRANT REQUESTS”On Merchan’s orders, a Republican presidential candidate has been made powerless to question the credibility of the witnesses testifying against him, the motivations of the prosecutors pursuing him, or the impartiality of the apparently conflicted judge fining him,” Vance claimed. The Department of Justice did not provide comment to Fox News Digital in time for publication. ‘TOO LATE’: TRUMP BACKS CHALLENGER TO FREEDOM CAUCUS CHAIR DESPITE RECEIVING PRIOR ENDORSEMENTVance even suggested that Merchan has deprived Trump of more than just his First Amendment rights. He claimed the judge had tried to prevent the former president from getting an impartial jury. “During jury selection, Merchan refused to dismiss prospective jurors with obvious bias,” he wrote. IN NEW TV AD, MARYLAND’S LARRY HOGAN CHARTS POTENTIAL SENATE PATH FORWARD AS CENTRISTRepublicans and Trump have been critical of the prosecution, charges and the presiding judge in the case against the former president, often referring to it as “election interference.”
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