‘He’s done nothing but make it worse’: Americans grade President Biden’s handling of the border crisis

Americans in the Lone Star state graded President Biden’s handling of the border crisis amid the fallout of Title 42’s expiration.  “He’s done nothing but make it worse,” Ed told Fox News. The Round Rock resident gave Biden an F-minus.  WATCH MORE FOX NEWS DIGITAL ORIGINALS HERE But Girish, of Austin, disagreed, giving Biden an A. “I think Biden has a lot on his plate,” Girish said. “The migration crisis is not high on his plate at the moment.” ‘HE’S NOT DOING HIS JOB’: AMERICANS GRADE HOMELAND SECURITY CHIEF’S PERFORMANCE AMID TITLE 42 FALLOUT Title 42 allowed U.S. officials to quickly expel migrants of specific countries without letting them seek asylum. But the policy, implemented during the Trump administration to reduce the spread of COVID-19, expired May 11. Border authorities encountered more than 10,000 migrants per day for the three days ahead of Title 42’s termination, breaking the record for single-day border crossings, Customs and Border Protection sources told Fox News. By comparison, Border Patrol agents on average encountered just under 7,000 migrants per day over the past year, according to CBP data.  AMERICANS GRADE BIDEN’S HANDLING OF BORDER CRISIS: ‘AN F ON EVERYTHING’ “I feel like he’s doing the best he can,” Art, of Amarillo, said, grading Biden a B. The president said Sunday that the situation at the border looked “much better than you all expected.” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, meanwhile, described the Biden administration’s recent efforts to control illegal immigration as “extraordinary” and said migrant crossings had dropped 50% since May 11. But some Americans remained unsatisfied with the chief executive’s handling of the border crisis. Biden’s handling of the border is “not any better” than Mayorkas, Dan, of Kansas City, told Fox News. He gave both the president and Mayorkas D-minus grades. And Joe, of Texas, gave Biden a C-plus.  “I don’t hear him say a whole lot about it,” he said. “He should speak on it a little bit.” To hear more Americans evaluate Biden’s handling of the border crisis, click here. 
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