House could have articles of impeachment against Biden ready in first half of 2024

The House of Representatives could be faced with a decision on whether to impeach President Biden in the first half of next year, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, suggested on Monday. “We want to talk with those last several witnesses, but we want to make that happen as quickly as possible. We think we can do that relatively quick,” Jordan said when asked by Fox News Digital about a timeline for drafting articles of impeachment. “That’ll be a key focus when we come back. We hope to get a couple done here in December, and then a couple more in January and make a decision as a body if we move forward with actual articles.” It comes as House GOP leaders are strongly considering holding a vote to formalize the ongoing impeachment inquiry into the president. COMER DEFENDS PRIVATE DEPOSITION OF HUNTER BIDEN, VOWS TO RELEASE TRANSCRIPT AND HOLD PUBLIC HEARING Jordan, along with Oversight Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., and Ways & Means Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo., is investigating whether Biden and his family profited off of his time as vice president. A cornerstone of Jordan’s probe is Biden’s push to firde a former Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, an energy company for which his son Hunter Biden served on the board of. During a sit-down with reporters to discuss the investigation, Jordan would not directly answer whether he would seek comments from the president himself. HOUSE REPUBLICANS ANTICIPATE VOTE TO FORMALIZE BIDEN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY ‘SOON’ “We want to talk to the people who were directly in business with Hunter Biden,” Jordan said, listing off various business associates of the president’s son like Tony Bobulinsky and Eric Schwerin, as well as the president’s brother James Biden and Kevin Morris, a Los Angeles lawyer who reportedly lent millions of dollars to Hunter.  The Judiciary Committee is expected to hear from Lesley Wolf, a prosecutor who was involved in the Justice Department’s criminal probe of Hunter Biden, in a closed-door deposition later this month. Jordan did tell reporters that he expects a decision “one way or another” on whether to impeach Biden happening before mid-2024, an election year. HOUSE GOP DISCUSSING VOTE TO FORMALIZE BIDEN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY “Oh yeah, I think there’ll be a decision one way or the other before that,” he said when asked by Fox News Digital about getting articles of impeachment together in the first six months of next year. “I think plenty of time before that.” Jordan then distanced himself from concerns over whether it would be perceived as a repeat of Democrats’ first impeachment of former President Donald Trump in early 2020. “I don’t think about the politics of it…I’ve said all along, we’re an impeachment inquiry. We will look at the facts, the evidence, follow the Constitution. And if articles are warranted, then we will take that step,” Jordan said. “It shouldn’t be driven by politics…we’re going to look at the facts, and I think the facts are pretty compelling.” Fox News Digital reached out to the White House for comment but did not immediately hear back.
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