House widens Claudine Gay probe after new plagiarism accusations hit Harvard president

House Republicans are widening their investigation into Harvard President Claudine Gay as accusations of plagiarism in her scholarly work continue to pile up. The Committee on Education and the Workforce, led by Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., wrote to Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow Penny Pritzker on Wednesday demanding more information on the charges against Gay. “An allegation of plagiarism by a top school official at any university would be reason for concern, but Harvard is not just any university. It styles itself as one of the top educational institutions in the country,” Foxx wrote.  HARVARD BOARD STANDS BY EMBATTLED PRESIDENT CLAUDINE GAY, ADMITS ‘INADEQUATE CITATION’ IN SOME WRITINGS She pointed out that Harvard’s federal funding relies on its adherence to certain academic standards, which in part mandate that an institution “works to prevent cheating and plagiarism as well as to deal forthrightly with any instances in which they occur.” “Our concern is that standards are not being applied consistently, resulting in different rules for different members of the academic community,” the letter said. NAACP LEADER DEFENDS HARVARD PRESIDENT CLAUDINE GAY, SAYS CRITICS ARE ‘ADVANCING A WHITE SUPREMACIST AGENDA’ “If a university is willing to look the other way and not hold faculty accountable for engaging in academically dishonest behavior, it cheapens its mission and the value of its education. Students must be evaluated fairly, under known standards – and have a right to see that faculty are, too.” Harvard has been grappling with an avalanche of accusations that Gay plagiarized multiple past academic works, including her own Ph.D. dissertations at the university. Gay had already been under fire after dodging questions on antisemitism on college campuses during a House hearing on the issue by the Education and Workforce Committee. She specifically received blowback for failing to sufficiently answer whether students who call for the genocide of Jews should be punished.  HARVARD STUDENT SAYS THE DECISION TO KEEP THE PRESIDENT IS ‘PART OF A REALLY LARGE TOXIC CULTURE’ ON CAMPUS In her Wednesday letter, Foxx requested copies of “all documents and communications concerning the initial allegations of plagiarism and the ‘independent review’ of President Claudine Gay’s scholarship” as well as “all documents and communications concerning allegations of plagiarism by President Gay and the University’s public response to media inquiries about those allegations.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP She also requested information on the university’s process for handling plagiarism and compliance with academic standards. Fox News Digital reached out to Harvard for comment but did not immediately hear back.
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