Influential pollster says NY AG seizing Trump’s property would ‘elect’ him

Pollster Frank Luntz recently warned that New York Attorney General Letitia James’ efforts to seize former President Donald Trump’s properties could devastate Democrats in the upcoming election.The ex-president recently failed to secure the $464 million appeal bond he needed in the recent New York civil fraud judgment against him. In a Monday court filing, Trump’s legal team said getting the amount of money needed was a “practical impossibility under the circumstances presented.”James has threatened to seize Trump’s assets and suggested that the former president should secure the entire value by selling off his real estate holdings – which his attorney Clifford S. Robert called “unconstitutional.”TRUMP LEGAL TEAM BLASTS ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ ATTEMPTS TO FORCE PROPERTY SALE AS DEADLINE FOR $454M FINE NEARS”It would be completely illogical — and the definition of an unconstitutional Excessive Fine and a Taking — to require Defendants to sell properties at all, and especially in a ‘fire sale,’ in order to be able to appeal the lawless Supreme Court judgment, as that would cause harm that cannot be repaired once the Defendants do win, as is overwhelmingly likely, on appeal,” Robert wrote. During a Friday night appearance on CNN, Luntz asserted that any efforts to seize Trump’s assets will destroy Biden’s chances of being reelected in November.”I want you to remember this moment, and don’t forget it,” the pollster began. “If the New York attorney general starts to take his homes away, starts to seize his assets, it’s all going to be on camera….You’re going to create the greatest victimhood of 2024, and you’re going to elect Donald Trump.”The campaign expert said that such efforts would boost Trump’s ratings and help him secure the presidency.”If they take his stuff, he’s going to say that this is proof that the federal government and the establishment and the swamp in Washington…that this is a conspiracy to deny him the presidency,” he continued. “He’s going to go up in the polls just like he went up every single time they indicted him.”NY AG ASKS COURT TO IGNORE TRUMP CLAIM THAT POSTING $464M BOND IS ‘PRACTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY’Luntz, who has worked as a Republican political strategist, went so far as to call the 45th president’s critics “stupid.””In the seven swing states, Trump is up by the margin of error in five out of seven. Why is that happening? Because his critics are stupid and they’re running a horrible campaign,” he argued.”And for those people who do not want Donald Trump back, they should be thankful that the people who are orchestrating his loss are as pathetic and they don’t understand the American people.”A Fox News Poll released on Mar. 3 found that Trump currently has a 2-point advantage over Biden. The presidential election will take place on Nov. 5.Fox News Digital’s Brooke Singman contributed to this report.
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