Jeffries questions report of Biden reversing border detainment policy, says Dems ‘overwhelmingly’ against it

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries on Thursday rebuffed questions on President Biden’s rumored revival of detainment policies at the Mexican border. Jeffries, saying it was not apparent to him Biden was even considering the policy shift, added that House Democrats stood firm against the detention of migrant families. “It’s not clear to me that it is being considered,” Jeffries said. “What is clear is that House Democrats overwhelmingly, if not uniformly, believe that family separation is not a policy that should be pursued.” BIDEN ADMIN WEIGHS REVIVAL OF POLICY TO DETAIN MIGRANT FAMILIES AMID SOUTHERN BORDER CRISIS: REPORTS The Biden administration is reportedly considering the revival of a policy that would detain migrant families who cross the southern border illegally amid the expected expiration of Title 42. The deliberation by the White House — first reported by The New York Times — comes after President Biden put an end to several policies used by former President Trump’s administration to crack down on the heavy flow of illegal migrants into America. GOP SENATORS TOUR SOUTHERN BORDER IN TEXAS, SAY MIGRANT CRISIS IS A ‘SELF-INFLICTED WOUND’ Addressing a lack of communication from the White House on the validity of the reports, Jeffries claimed Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas met with the Hispanic and progressive caucuses about the issue. BIDEN ADMIN ANNOUNCES POLICY TO LIMIT ASYLUM CLAIMS AT SOUTHERN BORDER AS TITLE 42’S END LOOMS However, Jeffries said he was not familiar with the details of the meeting. “With respect to communication, on the specifics of this issue, there was a conversation between the Homeland Security secretary and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and, I believe, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus,” Jeffries said.  “I haven’t been fully briefed on that meeting, so I’ll refrain from further comment until I hear from our members.”
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