Larry Hogan says he will not seek 2024 GOP nomination for president

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said he will not seek the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.  “I did give it serious consideration, and I talked to people everywhere, and I talked to my family, and it was a tough decision, but I’ve decided that I will not be a candidate for the Republican nomination for president,” Hogan told CBS’s “Face the Nation” in a sit-down interview to air in full Sunday.  “It’s really mostly about the country and about the party,” Hogan said. “The personal decision – it was like, I didn’t need that job. I didn’t need to run for another office… I was considering it because I thought it was a public service, and maybe I could make a difference.”  “I didn’t want to have a pileup of a bunch of people fighting. Right now, you have Trump and DeSantis at the top of the field soaking up all of the oxygen, getting all of the attention,” he added. “And then a whole lot of the rest of us in single digits. And the more of them you have, the less chance you have for somebody rising up.” LARRY HOGAN GETS ROASTED BY CONSERVATIVES FOR CALLING DESANTIS’ EDUCATION BILL ‘AUTHORITARIAN’ Asked about going up against affronts from former President Donald Trump, Hogan said, “That really didn’t scare me. You’re right, it would be a tough race, and he’s very tough, you know. But I beat life-threatening cancer, so having Trump call me names on Twitter didn’t really scare me off.”  “I have long said that I care more about ensuring a future for the Republican Party than securing my own future in the Republican Party. That is why I will not be seeking the Republican nomination for president,” Hogan added on Twitter after a preview of the interview was posted online. “To once again be a successful governing party, we must move on from Donald Trump. There are several competent Republican leaders who have the potential to step up and lead,” his statement said. “But the stakes are too high for me to risk being part of another multicar pileup that could potentially help Mr. Trump recapture the nomination.” TRUMP OVERWHELMINGLY WINS CPAC’S REPUBLICAN PRIMARY STRAW POLL WITH DESANTIS COMING IN A DISTANT SECOND “An encouraging trend for Republican politics lies in the fact that the excesses of progressive elites have created the opportunity to attract more working-class voters from all different backgrounds,” Hogan wrote. “But many in the Republican Party falsely believe that the best way to reach these voters is through more angry, performative politics and bigger government. These are just empty calories that can’t sustain the lasting governing coalition necessary to restore America.”  Hogan said he still believes in a Republican Party that “stands for fiscal responsibility and getting the government off our backs and out of our pockets,” “celebrates entrepreneurship and economic opportunity for every American,” “backs law enforcement and the rule of law,” “works to secure peace through strength in our dangerous world,” and “can win not just the electoral college or the popular vote but sweep landslide elections with an inclusive, broad coalition of Americans and a hopeful, optimistic vision for America’s future.”  “And I still believe in a Republican Party that upholds and honors perhaps our most sacred tradition: the peaceful transition of power,” he added. “I will stand with anyone who shares the common sense conservative vision for the Republican Party and can get us back to winning elections again.”
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