Left-wing activist who hired one of Farrakhan’s ‘top soldiers’ has visited Biden White House 7 times

FIRST ON FOX: A prominent social justice and environmental activist group with high-level access in the Biden administration employs one of the so-called “top soldiers” of the Nation of Islam, a Black nationalist religious organization with a long track record of antisemitism and racism.Terence Muhammad, the lead events and field coordinator for the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Hip Hop Caucus, has repeatedly praised the Nation of Islam and its current leader, Louis Farrakhan, according to a Fox News Digital review of social media posts. The Hip Hop Caucus, whose stated mission is to fight injustice and enact change, has been involved in key Biden administration policy decisions.And according to the White House visitor logs, Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO Lennox Yearwood has visited at least seven times since Biden took office, with six of those visits happening in 2023. In the most recent example, Yearwood and two other Hip Hop Caucus officials, Tanya House and Cynthia Swann, were hosted in the West Wing for a private meeting with White House Domestic Policy Council adviser Sofia Carratala.”Bless Minister [Louis Farrakhan] allowing one of his top soldiers [Terence Muhammad] 2 be w/ me for #MOW50. Much LOVE to the [Nation of Islam],” Yearwood wrote in a 2013 post during an event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.DEM DA’S STAFFER WHO PRAISED LOUIS FARRAKHAN PLACED ON LEAVE AFTER ANTISEMITIC REMARKS UNCOVEREDIn April 2015, during an event protesting police brutality, Muhammad posted a picture of Yearwood “with Malik Farrakhan and the brothers of the F.O.I.” The acronym “F.O.I.” appears to be a reference to the Fruits of Islam, the paramilitary wing of the Nation of Islam. Muhammad — who Yearwood described as a “dear brother and friend” in 2020 — has a long history of himself praising and, on multiple occasions, raising money for Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.”Just for the record AGAIN. I love [Louis Farrakhan]. He is my heart,” Muhammad said in a March 2018 post that included a picture of him with Farrakhan.FETTERMAN REJECTS HARRIS SUGGESTION THAT ISRAEL COULD FACE CONSEQUENCES FOR RAFAH INVASION: ‘HARD DISAGREE'”I need the word (sic) to know that I love the Honorable Minister [Louis Farrakhan],” Muhammad said months later. “He saved and gives me life. He 1st loved me so that one day I can completely love myself. I love my people because of him.”The Hip Hop Caucus official went as far as to characterize himself as a “soldier” of the Nation of Islam in 2019.”I’m an EXTREMELY Proud, Active, and Known citizen/soldier of the Nation of Islam,” he wrote in March 2019, in a post tagging Farrakhan.ISRAEL LAUDS CONGRESS’ BLOW TO UN AGENCY WITH ALLEGED HAMAS TIES AS INVESTIGATIONS CONTINUETwo months later, Muhammad vociferously defended Farrakhan in a post in which he said Farrakhan is a “servant of God.”Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have been heavily criticized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which was founded to stop the defamation of Jewish people and by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The ADL has called Farrakhan “one of the most prominent antisemites” and SPLC has classified Nation of Islam as a hate group.WHITE HOUSE ‘DENOUNCES’ DC OFFICIAL’S PRAISE OF ANTISEMITE LOUIS FARRAKHANIn a statement to Fox News Digital, the White House said Biden fully denounces Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. It also pointed to Farrakhan’s recent criticism of Biden over his support for Israel.”For decades, President Biden has unequivocally condemned Louis Farrakhan and the repugnant Antisemitic hate he represents – including by co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Fox News Digital. “He fully denounces any praise of Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, or their values, as he does in this case. And as recent comments from Louis Farrakhan demonstrate, the feeling is mutual.”However, the most recent example of Biden himself condemning Farrakhan appears to be a Senate floor speech from 1984, four decades ago.Meanwhile, in addition to Yearwood’s visits to the Biden White House, the Hip Hop Caucus has been prominently involved in several Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actions. Most recently, Yearwood was quoted by the EPA praising an announcement last month cracking down on fossil fuel-fired power plant emissions. “EPA appreciates the important on-going work of the Hip Hop Caucus and Reverend Yearwood to advocate for environmental justice across the country,” EPA spokesperson Timothy Carroll told Fox News Digital. “EPA condemns statements of hate or prejudice against any group or individual based on religion, race, or background.”The Nation of Islam and Hip Hop Caucus didn’t respond to requests for comment.
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