Louisiana Republicans push to add abortion pills to list of ‘controlled dangerous substances’

Republicans in Louisiana are pushing legislation that would add popular abortion pills to the state’s list of “controlled dangerous substances.”The provision comes as an amendment in a larger abortion bill that would criminalize instances in which someone administers an abortion pill to a pregnant woman without her consent. The amendment would add both mifeprestone and misoprostol to the list of controlled substances.Louisiana would be the first state to make such a move, according to the Washington Post.If the legislation passes, an individual who possesses the pills without a valid prescription or practice could be subject to fines or even incarceration.FOR A LOUISIANA LAWMAKER, EXEMPTING INCEST AND RAPE FROM THE STATE’S ABORTION BAN IS PERSONALThe move comes in an election year when Democrats have sought to place the abortion issue front and center for voters. Republicans have struggled to adopt a universal position on the issue after achieving their decades-long goal of ending Roe v. Wade.OUTSPOKEN PRO-ABORTION GOVERNOR GETS SPEAKING SLOT AT VATICAN SUMMITFormer President Trump has adopted the position of allowing states to determine for themselves how to regulate abortion, something that was not an option under Roe. Meanwhile, Democrats have pushed to impose Roe’s standards – more liberal ones – nationwide via federal legislation.Independent 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his support for abortion “even if it’s full term” last week.RFK JR. ACCUSES MSNBC HOST ARI MELBER OF ADDING TO ‘VITRIOL’ IN AMERICA DURING HEATED CLASHRFK made the shocking admission during an interview with Sage Steele.”I have been probably one of the leading, arguably one of the leading people in this country for medical freedom and for bodily autonomy,” Kennedy told Steele. “I think with abortion, every abortion is a tragedy. Many of them leave permanent trauma on the woman. But I think, ultimately, I don’t trust government to have jurisdiction over people’s bodies. I think we need to leave it to the woman, her pastor and to, you know, her spiritual advisers or physician, whatever, to make those decisions.””So, in other words, keeping it as is with Roe v. Wade having been overturned and leaving it up to the states to determine if and when a woman can have an abortion,” Steele followed.”No, I wouldn’t leave it to the states,” Kennedy responded. “We should leave it to the woman. We shouldn’t have government involved.””Even if it’s full term,” Steele said.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Even if it’s full term,” Kennedy confirmed, later adding, “I think we have to leave it to the woman, not the state. I think we should do everything in our power to make sure that never happens and everything that we can do. But I think, ultimately, you know, nobody sets out to do that. And there are always some kind of extenuating circumstances that would make a mother make that kind of choice, a terrible, terrible choice which is, you know, you can’t overstate how bad that is. And I think, ultimately, we have to trust women.”
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