Maria Bartiromo discusses Biden’s foreign policy agenda with Reps. Tenney, Arrington, Gooden, and more

SEN ERIC SCHMITT (R-MO) SLAMS THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION’S RESPONSE TO THE OHIO TRAIN DERAILMENT MARIA BARTIROMO: I want to get your take on the Ohio train derailment response as well. For two weeks, FEMA’s said they were not going to help Ohio because the damages were not eligible, which was just mind boggling. You are on the Commerce Committee. What kind of response should the country be having to the potential cancerous chemicals that were dispersed? And how worried are you that that goes into other states beyond Ohio? SEN ERIC SCHMITT: Well, I think there’s a complete disconnect here when you hear the president talking about sending American tax dollars to Ukraine to help pay for their pensions. And he does nothing about the millions of people who stream across our southern border distributing fentanyl. Human trafficking and crime across the country. It is completely out of touch to not address this. And people to judge was a no show this week in our committee to talk about FAA problems they had in January with the travel system across the country. He’s been a no show in Ohio. And so the American people are right to be upset about this. They demand answers. They demand a presence by this administration to know that they’re going to take care of these issues. But I think it’s part and parcel. A lot of these folks who claim to be environmentalists don’t care much about the environment. They care about climate alarmism to scare people so they can gather more and more power and control. That’s what this is about. But again, the biden administration and p bu to judge specifically has absolutely failed on this ohio environmental disaster. REPS LANCE GOODEN (R-TX) AND JODEY ARRINGTON (R-TX) REACT TO SEC. BLINKEN’S ‘SOFT ON CHINA’ RESPONSE TO PROVOCATIONS MARIA BARTIROMO: Lance Gooden. Told him it could never happen again. I’m sure the Chinese are shaking in their boots. What is your response to the way Biden is handling China? REP LANCE GOODEN: Well, he’s been absent ever since the Afghanistan withdrawal, and his actions there have given China the green light to go forward with what they’ve been doing. This president of our country is weak and the president of China is very strong. He’s a ruthless dictator. He plays to win. He’s playing the long game. The Chinese civilization has been around for a lot longer than ours, and they are looking toward the long game, which is why they’re sending their citizens across our southern border. They’re sending drugs in our community to kill our children and our families. And they don’t care what Joe Biden’s protege in Munich says. They don’t respect him. I suspect there’ll be more of the same Jody Arrington. BLINKEN ISSUES WARNING TO CHINA ABOUT SPY CRAFT IN ‘CONFRONTATIONAL’ MEETING WITH COUNTERPART REP JODEY ARRINGTON: We have a saying, Lance and I and the Texans that we represent all hat no cattle. This guy is all talk. Blinken, Biden. They’re projecting weakness. We’re not respected by our adversaries. We’re not trusted by our friends. This is the new sort of world order because of the Biden projection of weakness there. Our adversaries are emboldened. And it’s it’s it’s trade related. It’s border related and it’s spy balloons. It’s collecting data. It’s buying up land around strategic assets. The list goes on. The bottom line is they don’t respect our president and commander in chief. PETER SCHWEIZER TELLS MARIA THAT THE EVIDENCE IS MOUNTING AGAINST THE BIDEN FAMILY’S BUSINESS TIES TO CHINA MARIA BARTIROMO: Yeah, John Ratcliffe told us so right before the election that what those 51 had written was not true. But look, you both have done incredible reporting on this subject. Peter, do you see any hope of justice here? HUNTER BIDEN, AN OBAMA AMBASSADOR AND CHINESE BUSINESSMEN: A ‘VERY GOOD RELATIONSHIP PETER SCHWEIZER: Yeah, I do. Look, I think the investigation is ongoing. I think the evidence continues to mount and the Biden team will not answer a basic question, which is when it comes to China, for example, you had three Chinese businessmen that funneled tens of millions of dollars to you. Each one of those three, Che Fang, Henry Zhao, Chairman, ye all had direct, abiding and deep ties to Chinese intelligence when they were arranging these deals for the Bidens. And that’s not me saying that. That’s according to Hong Kong corporate records. They were business partners with the vice minister of state security who was responsible for foreign recruitment of spies. They were business partners with a former family of the director of the Ministry of State Security, which runs the entire spy apparatus. In the case of Chairman Yee, they actually worked as part of the spy apparatus. So what I would say is, you know, some attractive journalist needs to go to Jim Clapper and these other 50 intelligence experts and ask them, does this not have the hallmark of a Chinese intelligence operation? And I think if they give you an honest answer, the answer would be yes. REP CLAUDIA TENNEY (R-NY) ON HOW THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS IGNORING TO REPORT ON THE IRANIAN REGIME MARIA BARTIROMO: Congresswoman, I want to get your take on Iran. You have been very supportive of the women in Iran amidst all of these protests. You sent a letter to the administration slamming it for failing to comply with a mandated reporting requirements on Iran’s military capabilities. Tell us what you want to know. REP TENNEY: Well, first of all, the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, requires that the Biden administration disclose to the American people and to the Congress what is happening with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. That’s the Iranian military and what their weapons situation is. Are they continuing to arm Hezbollah, the Houthis, unknown terrorist organizations? And they failed to report it’s been over 240 days, I believe, since they were supposed to report, and they failed to do that. And that’s critical to know what’s happening with Iran. The biggest disruptor of peace and potential peace in the Middle East and and the biggest state sponsor of terrorism across the nations in the Middle East. So we’re demanding that the Biden administration provide that information. And we we just have received no response to date.
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