Marjorie Taylor Greene: GOP must be ‘the party that protects children’ from transgender ideology

The Republican Party needs to defend children from anyone who supports the idea of allowing young children to remove body parts and take dangerous chemicals in pursuit of the “lie” that they can change genders, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., told the Conservative Political Action Committee conference on Friday. “The Republican Party has a duty,” Greene said. “We have a responsibility, and that is to be the party that protects children.” Greene said children are under assault from a “disturbing” ideology that “tells the most incredible lie: that children can actually change their gender before they’ve even grown up.” MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE SAYS SHE WAS ‘ATTACKED’ IN RESTAURANT BY ‘INSANE WOMAN’: ‘COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL’ She said children are being rushed into gender transformation decisions before they are allowed to get a tattoo, before they can vote and even before they hit puberty. Greene said the transgender movement has been endorsed by Democrats for years. She said in her first term in Congress, when Democrats controlled the House, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., passed a rule saying lawmakers would not refer to gender as they worked on legislation. “To my shock, we had a new rule in rules package… and that was, there was no more gender. You couldn’t say family names: mother, father, sister, brother,” Greene said. REP. TAYLOR GREENE SUGGESTS ‘NATIONAL DIVORCE’ ON PRESIDENT’S DAY She said support for transgender ideology is only hurting kids and is often hurting the most vulnerable. “The victims of this industry are kids, and these are kids who are confused about who they are,” she said. “And they’re confused about how they are because of what they’re seeing on the internet, what they’re seeing on social media, And they’re also confused, many of them, because these victims of this billion-dollar industry that mutilates the genitals of children – many of these children have diagnoses of autism, mental illness, they have depression, they have anxiety, that have psychosis.” “There are teenage girls who are having breasts cut off,” she said. “That is a permanent, permanent damage to their body. They’ll never be able to breastfeed their baby. And there are boys that are having their penises turned inside out.” NEW YORK TEACHER ‘FORCED’ AND ‘MANIPULATED’ 5TH-GRADER TO BECOME TRANSGENDER, CAUSING SUICIDAL IDEATION: SUIT Greene said under House GOP leadership, Republicans will be able to pass her legislation that’s aimed at protecting children from these dangers. “I’m going to be introducing my bill, the Protect Children’s Innocence Act, that will make it a felony to do perform anything to do with gender-affirming care on children,” she said. “Our god is the god that created us man and woman, in his image he created us,” Greene said. “And our god is the god that created our children. And because of him, we will get this bill passed and the Republican Party will be the party that protects children from such an evil that I cannot believe it exists at this time.”
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