Marjorie Taylor Greene predicts Mayorkas impeachment articles will pass House without any Dem support

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., is predicting that not a single House Democrat will vote in favor of impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the migrant crisis at the border.The House Homeland Security Committee is meeting Tuesday morning to advance two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas – one for “willful and systematic refusal to comply with the law,” and the second accusing him of a “breach of public trust.””I still can’t believe I had to force the floor vote on the House floor,” Greene told Fox News Digital. “I guess I can be thanking these Democrats and these eight Republicans now that those articles of impeachment were moved, that my articles were moved to Homeland because… Chairman Mark Green and the other Republicans on Homeland, having dealt face-to-face and gone through all the hearings that we did, with all the witnesses that we brought in…they had the will to impeach Mayorkas.”WHITE HOUSE DEMANDS SPEAKER JOHNSON GIVE BIDEN ‘AUTHORITY AND FUNDING’ TO ‘SECURE THE BORDER’Greene had attempted to bring her articles of impeachment for a vote twice in November. They were referred to committee the first time, avoiding the actual vote. She was persuaded to back down the second time after being assured the articles would go through the committee process.The impeachment articles are likely to advance out of committee on party lines Tuesday. Then, Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., pledged a House-wide vote “as soon as possible.”Greene anticipated the impeachment articles will pass the House also along party lines, even with Republicans’ razor-thin majority, with no Democratic support.TEXAS GOVERNOR DOING ‘EXACTLY RIGHT THING’ AMID CONSTITUTIONAL BATTLE OVER BORDER ENFORCEMENT: LEGAL EXPERTS”You would think with the situation as severe as it is… you would think that every Democrat, or at least some of the Democrats, would vote for this, but sadly, we’re not going to see any Democrats vote for it,” Greene said.An adviser to House GOP leadership credited Greene with pushing the impeachment resolution to the floor, arguing “she deserves a lot of the credit” “Let’s be clear, the impeachment of Mayorkas would not be happening unless MTG held GOP leadership’s feet to the flames,” the adviser told Fox News Digital.OPINION: DID BIDEN INTENTIONALLY CAUSE THE BORDER CRISIS?Democrats have accused House Republicans of playing politics with the border crisis, including with the impeachment of Mayorkas.Mayorkas’ defenders have repeatedly pointed out that he is part of bipartisan talks in the Senate on a border security compromise. But House Republicans have criticized those talks, arguing that the resulting deal probably would not go far enough. They’ve also heaped skepticism on Mayorkas’ role in particular, claiming he cannot be part of a legitimate solution.A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security said in a Sunday memo, “This markup is just more of the same political games from House Homeland Security Committee (CHS) Republicans. They don’t want to fix the problem; they want to campaign on it. That’s why they have undermined efforts to achieve bipartisan solutions and ignored the facts, legal scholars and experts, and even the Constitution itself in their quest to baselessly impeach Secretary Mayorkas.”
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