Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account temporarily suspended for violating rules

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended on Tuesday for violating the rules for a post she claims was “exposing Antifa’s plan for violence on the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance.’” Greene, a Republican who represents the northwestern portion of Georgia in Congress, posted about the suspension on Twitter, showing the social media platform’s response. In the response, Twitter notified the congressional lawmaker that they temporarily limited some of her account features for violating the rules. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE SAYS REPUBLICANS DON’T NEED TO PROTEST POTENTIAL TRUMP ARREST Because she allegedly violated the rules, Twitter limited Greene to only being able to send direct messages to her followers. She was not permitted to tweet, retweet, follow or like posts. The suspension was for seven days, and the countdown was expected to begin once Greene deleted the tweet that violated the rules. “This is a lie,” she tweeted while tagging @TwitterSafety, a Twitter employee and Elon Musk. “My Congressional account was suspended for 7 days for exposing Antifa, who are organizing a call for violence called ‘Trans Day of Vengeance.’ The day after the mass murder of children by a trans shooter. Restore my account immediately.” LAUREN BOEBERT, MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE SNIPE AT EACH OTHER OVER MCCARTHY SPEAKER SUPPORT Greene then tweeted that the employee claimed no one was given a “strike” for warning Americans about the violence planned at the Supreme Court, though her account was banned for seven days. On Wednesday, Greene’s account was restored after just hours of being suspended. “Yesterday, my official Twitter account was temporarily suspended for warning about Antifa’s Trans Day of Vengeance in front of the Supreme Court,” she tweeted. “This planned event is being whitewashed by global brands and the left. Meanwhile, there’s still no acknowledgement of the innocent Christians that were slaughtered in Tennessee by a trans mass shooter.” Green could not be reached for comment and Twitter did not immediately respond to questions about the matter. The Trans Day of Vengeance, according to the, or TRAN, is scheduled to take place on April 1 in front of the Supreme Court. The organization says on its website that it does not encourage violence, nor is it welcome at the event.
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