Mayor London Breed’s office silent on anti-Israel protesters clogging Golden Gate Bridge as she visits China

San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s office has been silent since anti-Israel protesters blocked traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, as she continued on an overseas trip to China. The office did not respond to Fox News Digital’s multiple requests for comment on Tuesday.”We’ve arrived in Shenzen, where I’ve had the opportunity to start meeting with business leaders & city officials to build stronger connections with San Francisco,” Breed said in a post on X Monday evening, hours after protesters had blocked the Golden Gate Bridge. “Thank you to Shenzen Mayor Qin Weizhong for welcoming us as we start our trip to strengthen ties between our cities.”Breed is expected to be in China for the rest of the week, according to China-run media outlet CGTN. ISRAEL PUSHES FOR NEW SANCTIONS ON IRAN, URGES COUNTRIES TO DECLARE REVOLUTIONARY GUARD A TERROR GROUP Breed said Monday she gathered with leaders from China’s tourism industry “to highlight San Francisco’s vibrant arts and restaurant scene, new attractions like Tunnel Top Park and the Sky Wheel, and iconic sites.” “This is how we build bridges,” she said. “This work matters. In 2023, visitor spending from China reached over $630 million, taking back the top spot for the first time since pre-pandemic. This is how we lift our entire economy, create jobs, support small businesses, and deliver revenue that provides services across SF.”Prior to the trip, Breed told NBC a few of her goals were to bring pandas back to the San Francisco Zoo, create stronger relationships with Chinese officials to boost tourism and put San Francisco businesses on the radar. “Our goal is to enter into major agreements and make San Francisco significant to China and to let them know that we are open to the business relationship that could be developed as a result,” Breed told the station.Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP’s) Golden Gate Division said Tuesday 38 people have been arrested following Monday’s incidents, in which demonstrators held up a banner with the message “Stop the world for Gaza” and attached themselves to 55-gallon drums filled with concrete. ANTI-ISRAEL AGITATORS BLOCK GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE TRAFFIC Officials say the protesters are now facing numerous charges including unlawful assembly, resisting and delaying officers and false imprisonment. “Attempting to block or shut down a freeway or state highway to protest is unlawful, dangerous, and prevents motorists from safely reaching their destinations,” the CHP said in a statement. In the Golden Gate Bridge protest that blocked the southbound lane, “Officers had to contend with numerous vehicles utilizing chains concealed with pipes, connecting the drivers and passengers outside the vehicle,” the CHP says. A total of 26 people were arrested in that protest. Fox News’ Greg Norman contributed to this report. 
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