McConnell detractors right and left go after Senate leader after his fall: ‘Time for him to retire’

After Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., fell Wednesday evening, some on Twitter from both sides of the political divide blasted the senator for his politics, attacked him personally and called for him to retire. McConnell tripped and fell while attending a private dinner Wednesday night in Washington, D.C., and was rushed to a nearby hospital. While it is unclear whether McConnell suffered any injuries from the fall, some on social media used the occasion to criticize his policies. “I think it’s great that Mitch McConnell was able to receive the healthcare he needed when he needed it,” pundit Kelly Scaletta wrote in a tweet. “If only women in our country could say the same.” MITCH MCCONNELL HOSPITALIZED AFTER FALL DURING PRIVATE DC DINNER Others on both side of the political aisle wished the Republican leader a speedy recovery. “Mitch McConnell is hospitalized after falling at an event,” President Biden delegate Victor Shi wrote in a tweet. “While we may disagree with him politically, let’s all keep him in our thoughts and prayer and wish for a speedy recovery.” “I’ve been seeing lots of people respond to this saying no, they won’t keep him on their thoughts and prayers,” Shi wrote in a separate tweet. “I understand there are strong feelings against him & trust me, I share them. I’m not fond of him. But it’s not a good look. We’ve got to rise above politics here, folks.” Two of the individuals who responded with harsh remarks to Shi’s tweet were Ryan Gilbert, a digital content producer for Audacy Sports, and Zito Madu, a freelance writer. “Here’s a thought I’ll be keeping him in: F—Mitch McConnell,” Gilbert wrote. “It’s Mitch McConnell. If you’re keeping him in your prayers, it better be to pray that the devil finally comes for him,” Madu said in a tweet. MCCONNELL TO APPEAR AT FUNDRAISER FOR TRUMP ALLY JIM BANKS’ SENATE CAMPAIGN Madu wrote in another tweet, “People who work in politics are so strange. A politician can ruin the lives of millions, but as long as it [is] done through legal means/processes, it’s not seen as violent or evil. It’s just ‘politics,’ and somehow the person should instead be judged by meaningless personal anecdotes.” Former Kentucky Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth noted that McConnell’s fall is representative of a time “when political disagreements are insignificant.” “I hope Sen. McConnell has a speedy and full recovery,” Yarmuth said. McConnell’s opposition on the right also highlighted the senator’s fall and called for him to retire in comments shared to Twitter. “Mitch McConnell is not fit to lead the senate GOP. He works against everything America First, Trump Republicans believe in. He also continues to lie about January 6th,” wrote Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of the consultancy company X Strategies. “I hope he recovers from his injuries because I don’t wish ill upon others, but it’s time for him to retire.” Similarly, former congressional candidate Laura Loomer suggested in a tweet that it is time for McConnell to retire after his fall. “It’s time for Mitch McConnell to retire! There are too many sick and feeble politicians in Washington DC who are wasting seats that could be filled by patriots who are physically & intellectually superior than career politician incumbents who do nothing,” Loomer wrote. Echoing the thoughts of Bruesewitz and Loomer, Pastor Darrel Scott wrote in a tweet, “When you’re so old you start falling down and have to be hospitalized, it’s time to retire…” Scott also said he is surprised McConnell “didn’t break his hip” as a result of the fall. There are little details known about McConnell’s fall, but a spokesman for the Republican leader said he is receiving treatment at a local hospital. “This evening, Leader McConnell tripped at a local hotel during a private dinner,” McConnell’s team said in a statement regarding his fall Wednesday night. “He has been admitted to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.” McConnell previously suffered a fractured shoulder during a fall in August 2019. At the time, McConnell tripped and fell while he was outside on a patio at his Louisville home.
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