Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee’s brother killed in shooting: sheriff

The brother of Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee was shot and killed allegedly by his own son during a domestic dispute early Tuesday morning, the Genesee County Sheriff announced during a press conference. “It’s a tragedy all the way around. The family involved is a high-profile family that is beloved by this community,” Sheriff Chris Swanson said. Sheriff Swanson said that Timothy Kildee, 57, was killed by his son inside his Vienna Township home during a domestic dispute. Swanson said the whole ordeal began around 3 a.m. and spanned across three different scenes.NEW YORK POLICE SERGEANT, WIFE, 2 CHILDREN DEAD IN APPARENT MURDER-SUICIDE: POLICETimothy Kildee’s son allegedly jumped out of a moving vehicle driven by his mother, Timothy Kildee’s ex-wife, shortly before the shooting took place, Swanson said. After that incident, the son went to Timothy Kildee’s home and allegedly brandished a gun during a verbal confrontation. He allegedly demanded Timothy Kildee hand over his wallet and keys before he shot and killed him. OUTGOING HOUSE LAWMAKERS LAMENT CHAOS IN CONGRESS: ‘A BIT OF A CARNIVAL’The 27-year-old suspect then stole Timothy Kildee’s vehicle and fled, before causing a “high impact” crash with another vehicle, injuring both people inside.Swanson indicated that the son, who was not identified, is in custody. He has not yet been charged.”I have been in contact with Congressman Kildee who was in Washington during this incident, and he is now en route back via commercial airline,” Swanson said. “And he and his family who’ve all been notified have asked that the public and the media respect their privacy.”SEN. JOE MANCHIN’S WIFE HOSPITALIZED AFTER CAR CRASH IN ALABAMA, IN ‘STABLE CONDITION’The 65-year-old Democratic representative issued a statement on his congressional page, thanking the community for their support. “Our family is grieving and heartbroken. There are no words to describe the loss of a beloved brother and family member, especially in such a terrible tragedy,” Rep. Kildee said. “I thank the community for honoring my family’s privacy during this very difficult time.”Prosecutor David Leyton said charges against the suspect likely include open murder, carjacking, armed robbery, and motor vehicle charges in connection to the crash, among others. He added that the toxicology report may take some time to be completed.MICHIGAN DEMOCRAT DAN KILDEE ANNOUNCES ‘SERIOUS, BUT CURABLE’ CANCER DIAGNOSIS”Clearly this is tragic, and it involves other family members. But we’re going to continue bringing not only answers to questions, but also comfort to the family,” Swanson said. Swanson said there are no other suspects in the case at this time.The shooting suspect was taken into custody at the crash scene, and is currently being hospitalized with serious injuries.  The two other victims are expected to recover, officials said. CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBack in November 2023, Rep. Kildee announced that he would be leaving Congress at the end of the current term. “My main reasons are personal. I decided when I first [entered office] that I’d stay for a decade, and it’ll be 12 years when I leave. But it’s hard to deny that the… personal sacrifice we make being away from our families seems less easily justified when we come here and not only is it a bit of a carnival, but we’re really not doing any substantive legislating,” Rep. Kildee previously said. 
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