Michigan hair salon owner sparks LGBTQ+ outrage by banning ‘anything other than a man/woman’

A Michigan hair salon owner says anyone who does not identify as either a man or woman is “not welcome” at her business and should instead go to a pet groomer — a statement that sparked outrage from the LGBTQ+ community. “If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman, please seek services at a local pet groomer,” a now-deleted Facebook post from Studio 8 Hair Lab read. “You are not welcome at this salon. Period. Should you request to have a preferred pronoun used please note we may simply refer to you as ‘hey you.’” MEDIA PEDDLES NARRATIVE SCOTUS WEB DESIGNER FREE SPEECH RULING IS ‘BLOW’ TO LGBTQ RIGHTS: ‘THIS IS FALSE’ The post went viral after it was shared in a Facebook group for Traverse City residents, where the salon is located. “This is a real post from a local salon in downtown Traverse City,” one user shared in the group with a screenshot of the post. “You are allowed to your opinion but you are not allowed to discrimate! [sic].” CHRISTIAN SOCIAL WORKER TAKES LEGAL ACTION AFTER JOB WITHDRAWN, TOLD HE MUST ‘EMBRACE AND PROMOTE’ LGBT RIGHTS The salon owner, Christine Geiger, took to Facebook and Google to defend her views and business practice, which she said is protected by free speech. “LGB are more than welcome however the rest of it is not something I support,” she posted. “This stance was taken to insure [sic] that clients have the best experience and I am admitting that since I am not willing to play the pronoun game or cater to requests outside of what I perceive as normal this probably isn’t the best option for that type of client.” The initial Facebook post from the salon account directly acknowledged a law signed this year by Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity. “my A– Governor Witchmere,” the post read. GAY RIGHTS GROUP DECLARES ‘NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY’ OVER PASSAGE OF 75+ ‘ANTI-LGBTQ+ BILLS’ IN U.S. Facebook users ranted over Geiger for what they claim is illegal, bigoted behavior. “I hope a bunch of LGBTQIA+ people and their supporters go have a big, gay, rainbow filled picnic outside the front door of her salon,” one user commented. “That sounds like a great idea! If something like that happens I’d go!”
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