Migrant wanted for homicide, convicted child predator arrested at Texas border

Border Patrol agents in Texas have made significant arrests this week, with an illegal immigrant wanted for homicide apprehended along with a migrant who is a convicted pedophile.U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) Chief Jason Owens posted on X Monday that a Mexican national with an active warrant for homicide in Louisiana had been captured.”Another dangerous criminal kept off our streets,” Owens wrote.The man’s identity and the details of the homicide case were not revealed, although Owens did post a mugshot of the suspect.ICE OFFICIAL RIPS NYC POLICIES SHIELDING POLICE-BEATING MIGRANTS FROM DEPORTATIONOn Tuesday, Owens posted images of another Mexican national who had been arrested.  “USBP agents in Laredo, TX arrested another child predator trying to enter our country illegally,” Owens wrote. “This subject, a Mexican national, served 10 years in prison for [the] molestation of a minor, a felony conviction. He will be presented to the AUSA for prosecution under 8 USC 1326.”ILLEGAL MIGRANT FLIPS MIDDLE FINGERS AFTER BEING CHARGED WITH ATTACKING NYPD IN TIMES SQUAREOwens posted a mugshot of the man and two other photos revealing the suspect’s distinctive tattoos. He was not named.Late last month, Border Patrol agents covering the Del Rio and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas nabbed two child sex offenders with prior felony convictions.The latest apprehensions come as border agents revealed they have caught more than 160 illegal immigrants with gang affiliations so far this year.”These gangs (Paisas, MS-13, etc.) are involved w/murder, extortion, narcotics, weapons/human trafficking & prostitution,” Owens wrote on X.”This is a threat to our safety and why we need agents patrolling the border.”CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOwens also posted images of the men’s gang tattoos to X.Meanwhile, the Border Patrol chief told “The Story” in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that the now-doomed Senate border bill contained both improvements to existing policy and negative points, but should have been considered a fair compromise.”And, as long as there’s no action coming out of Congress, we’re languishing in the same situation. So I don’t think there’s anybody that says that the bill has to have everything that we need in order for us to accept [it] –  that’s why we have compromise,” Owens said.
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