Mike Pence testifies before grand jury in 2020 election interference probe

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday testified before a federal grand jury looking into efforts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election.  Pence’s testimony came hours after a federal appeals court denied former President Trump’s emergency motion to block the subpoena for Pence to testify.  The case remains under seal, but the court indicated the motion was denied. Pence had dropped further appeals and agreed to testify once all other pending appeals were exhausted.  MIKE PENCE, TIM SCOTT SPOTLIGHT DIFFERENCES WITH DONALD TRUMP AS THEY MOVE CLOSER TO LAUNCHING 2024 CAMPAIGNS Pence’s appearance before a grand jury in Washington is a milestone in the Justice Department’s investigation. It also carries significant political implications, coming as Pence hints at entering the 2024 presidential race and a potential run against Trump, the Republican front-runner. Pence, as vice president, had a ceremonial role overseeing Congress’ counting of the Electoral College vote but did not have the power to affect the results, despite Trump’s contention otherwise. Pence has said that Trump endangered his family and everyone else who was at the Capitol that day and history will hold him “accountable.” The Justice Department special counsel leading the investigation, Jack Smith, has cast a broad net in interviews and has sought the testimony of a long list of former Trump aides, including ex-White House counsel Pat Cipollone and former adviser Stephen Miller. The Associated Press contributed to this report. 
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