Nathan Wade’s wife files ‘contempt of court’ claim for non-payment in divorce agreement

The wife of Nathan Wade, the former lover of embattled Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis, is accusing him of failing to pay her court-ordered expenses, and says he should be held in “contempt of court,” a new divorce fling states.The court documents filed Wednesday by Joycelyn Wade allege that her husband, with whom an agreement in divorce proceedings was made earlier this year, has neglected to pay court-ordered medical expenses, contributing to a “worsening” health condition which could “necessitate emergency intervention.””Defendant urgently requires medical procedures, namely an endoscopy,colonoscopy, and ultrasound, due to severe physical symptoms she has beenenduring. These symptoms have significantly impacted her ability to consumemost foods, leading to a substantial weight loss, notwithstanding her alreadyslender stature when in better health,” the filing states. Joycelyn Wade also alleged that Nathan had instructed her to make payments to the healthcare providers herself “with an assurance of reimbursement,” but said she can’t do that because Nathan recently reneged on previously agreed-upon payments for their kids’ education expenses. WHO IS NATHAN WADE? TRUMP PROSECUTOR FANI WILLIS’ FORMER LOVER AT CENTER OF COURTROOM CONTROVERSY”On the day immediately following the entry of the Order on January 30, 2024, Plaintiff informed the parties’ daughter, an upperclassman in college with hopes of entering medical school in the near future, that he would discontinue payment of her rent and living expenses instructing her to ‘get the money from your mother,'” the document states. “As an additional note, Plaintiff has very punitively reneged on his commitment to cover their daughter’s MCAT expenses as well,” it states.”The parties’ son is currently in Europe, pursuing a career as a professionalsoccer player. Despite Plaintiff executing a verified affidavit to the country ofSpain, affirming financial responsibility for his son’s expenses for visa purposes, hesubsequently informed his son shortly after the Temporary Order was entered thathe would no longer be providing support for him either, directing the son to “getthe money from your mother,'” the document alleges.FANI WILLIS, NATHAN WADE REFERRED TO GEORGIA STATE BAR FOR MISCONDUCT BY WATCHDOG GROUPJocelyn Wade says that because she sprang to pay for her children’s expenses unexpectedly, she was left without the means to pay for her medical needs. Nathan Wade in 2021 was hired by Fulton County District Attorney Willis to help prosecute the sweeping election interference case against former president Donald Trump. He allegedly earned roughly $650,000 for roughly two years on the case. Wills was accused earlier this year by Trump and co-defendants in the case of having an “improper” affair with Wade, and alleged that she had hired him while they were romantically involved, which benefitted her financially. Willis and Wade both denied the existence of a romantic relationship prior to his hiring, and insisted that Willis had reimbursed Wade for her share of expenses from several vacations they took together. Wade resigned from his special prosecutor position after a judge gave Willis an ultimatum in order to continue the Trump prosecution: resign or remove Wade from his post. During a Georgia Senate hearing as part of lawmakers’ investigation into Willis’ office, attorney Ashleigh Merchant testified that cellphone data she acquired shows Nathan Wade making 1 a.m. trips to Willis’ private home prior to his hiring. AFTER JUDGE’S SCOLDING FOR PLAYING ‘RACE CARD,’ FANI WILLIS SAYS SHE’LL ‘TALK ABOUT IT ANYWAY’Wade is also facing an ethics complaint filed with the Georgia state bar alleging that he had lied under oath on more than one occasion. When asked on an interrogatory to “describe each instance in which you have had sexual relations with a person other than your spouse during the course of the marriage,” he said, “None.”Wade testified that his marriage “was irretrievably broken in 2015” but that he and his wife had agreed to delay a divorce for the sake of their children. “First it is simply not credible that Mr. Wade did not know that he had sexual relations with Ms. Willis when he replied to the interrogatories above in his divorce case. Put simply, it is clear Mr. Wade knew that he had had sex with Ms. Willis, and he knew that at the time he was still married, and he simply lied in the interrogatories,” the complaint states. Fox News Digital has reached out to Nathan Wade for comment. 
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