National Christmas Tree topples to the ground at White House: ‘Perfectly summing up Joe Biden’s presidency’

After the White House’s Christmas tree succumbed to high winds and toppled over, some took to social media saying it was a metaphor for the state of the current administration. The White House’s National Christmas Tree, a towering 40-foot Norway spruce, toppled to the ground on Tuesday afternoon, with conservative commentators quick to point out the irony of the situation. “National Christmas tree falls DOWN,” the Republican House Committee on the Judiciary wrote in an X post. “Perfectly summing up Joe Biden’s presidency.” The fallen tree comes just two days before the annual tree lighting ceremony with President Biden. WHITE HOUSE SCRAPS CHRISTMAS FIREPLACE STOCKINGS AFTER BIDEN ACKNOWLEGES GRANDCHILD FOR FIRST TIME Benny Johnson, a conservative talk-show host, said that the tree tumbling to the ground was “so fitting.” “Biden’s White House Christmas tree got blown over by the wind,” Johnson wrote in an X post. “So fitting for this administration.” “They can’t even get the little things right,” conservative radio host Mike Sperrazza replied.  WATCH: BIDEN OFFICIAL BUTCHERS POPULAR PHRASE COINED BY RONALD REAGAN ABOUT GOVERNMENT’S ROLE IN EVERYDAY LIFE According to Jasmine Shanti, the Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist from the National Weather Service, the towering tree fell over at about 1p.m. ET, during a strong wind gust.  The tree, which is from the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, was quickly assessed by NPS personnel and returned to its upright position as of 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening.
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