Nearly two-thirds of voters think Biden is too old for second term: poll

Nearly two in three voters think President Biden is too old to effectively serve a second term as commander-in-chief according to a new poll. A new poll from Quinnipiac University found that 65% of registered voters believe Biden is too old to be an effective president for another four years as the nation gears up for the 2024 election. Ninety percent of Republican voters believe Biden is too old to serve as president again, while 69% of independents think the octogenarian president’s age is too high. AMERICANS SAY BIDEN DESERVES A 2024 PRIMARY CHALLENGER: ‘SOMEBODY YOUNGER’ Eight percent of Republicans did not think Biden is too old to effectively serve another term in the West Wing, while 28% of independents thought the same. Conversely, 57% of Democrat voters said they believe Biden is not too old to serve another term effectively as president; 41% of Democrats said Biden is too old. When it came to Biden’s leading GOP challenger, 59% of voters said former President Trump was not too old to serve out another term as president, while 36% thought the opposite. The vast majority of Republican voters, 85%, believe Trump is not too old to be an effective president for another four-year term, while just over half of independent voters thought the same at 55%. Fifteen percent of GOP voters believe Trump is too old to effectively serve as president again, while 39% of independents shared the same sentiment. On the blue side of the equation, 51% of Democrats said Trump is too old to effectively serve another term in the White House, while 42% said the former president was not too old. In terms of favorability, Biden is underwater at 39% favorability and 54% unfavorability, with 4% not hearing enough about the president. Comparatively, Trump sits at a 40% favorability and a 56% unfavorability, with 2% not hearing enough about the former president. Additionally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a 34% favorability rating, with former Vice President Mike Pence and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley trailing behind him at 25% and 19% favorability, respectively. Biden is the oldest serving president in history. If re-elected, he would finish out his years at the White House well into his golden years at 86. Aside from his age, the president faces a rocky battle in 2024 as a potential rematch against Trump looms on the horizon. WHAT THE LATEST FOX NEWS POLL SHOWS IN THE 2024 GOP PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION RACE The Quinnipiac poll found that, in a hypothetical head-to-head 2024 matchup, Biden and Trump would be “neck and neck” with 48% of registered voters falling behind the current president and 46% behind the former president. A hypothetical Biden-DeSantis slugfest shows a similar tale, but with a slight edge for DeSantis. In this scenario, the Florida governor would be walking into the general election with 47% of registered voters following him while Biden would only pull in 46%. Americans are also taking note of the president’s age, with several people in Iowa City, Iowa telling Fox News Digital they believe Biden’s age warrants a primary challenger. “I think there’s a lot of questions about his age,” one person said. “And I think that some people, especially on both sides of the political spectrum, would like to see a challenger.” “I personally would like to see Democrats put somebody else forward, as well,” he continued. “Somebody younger.” Another student said she thinks “we need more young people” and that her “biggest thing is having a president that old is kind of unprecedented.” “So, I don’t know. I think we should give it to young people at this time,” she continued. “Yes, I think he needs one,” another student said. “I think he’s too old to be in office still, in my opinion.”
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