Nevada Gov. Lombardo greenlights religious, tribal regalia at graduation ceremonies

Gov. Joe Lombardo on Thursday signed a bill permitting Nevada students to wear religious and cultural regalia for graduation ceremonies. Students are entitled to express themselves at graduation through any unique cultural and religious identity, Lombardo said. NEW YORK SCHOOL DISTRICT TO KEEP ‘WARRIORS’ LOGO WITH SENECA NATION’S BLESSING “This legislation will allow students to walk with pride and confidence at their graduation, and I’m grateful to all of the teachers, legislators, and students who worked to get it to my desk,” he said in a statement. Several lawmakers and students, most of them of Native American ancestry, attended the signing. OK LAWMAKERS OVERRIDE GOVERNORS’ VETO OF BILL ALLOWING STUDENTS TO WEAR NATIVE AMERICAN REGALIA AT GRADUATION A similar measure passed in Oklahoma on Thursday when the Legislature overrode Gov. Kevin Stitt’s veto. The bill allows students to wear Native American regalia during high school and college graduations. The state House and Senate easily cleared the two-thirds threshold needed to uphold the measure, which takes effect July 1. It had strong support from many Oklahoma-based tribes and Native American citizens. Conflict over proper graduation attire has resulted in laws in nearly a dozen states making it illegal to prohibit Native American students from donning regalia that reflects their heritage.
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