New York police barricade Trump Tower ahead of courtroom surrender

New York police are already erecting barricades around Trump Tower in anticipation of former President Trump’s surrender to authorities sometime this week. NYPD officers have also blocked roads around both Trump Tower and the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse, where the former president is expected to appear. While police say there have been no threats to the city, the preparations come following Trump’s call to supporters last month, urging them to “protest” and “take our nation back” in the event of his arrest. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has offered support to the NYPD, saying she could deploy the National Guard or other assets. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that the department is no stranger to handling such protests. “The NYPD ensures thousands of events, including First Amendment activities, are conducted safely in New York City each year,” an NYPD spokesperson told reporters on Sunday. “Officers have been placed on alert and the department remains ready to respond as needed and will ensure everyone is able to peacefully exercise their rights.” DEMS WHO ACCUSED TRUMP OF TRYING TO JAIL OPPONENTS VOICE SUPPORT FOR TRUMP GRAND JURY INDICTMENT Trump was indicted last week on charges related to his alleged involvement in hush payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump allegedly attempted to silence the woman regarding an affair the pair had engaged in prior to Trump’s run for president. Trump is expected to arrive at the New York City courthouse at 11 a.m. Tuesday, hours ahead of his scheduled arraignment in front of Judge Juan Merchan at 2:15 p.m. The proceedings are expected to take 15 to 30 minutes, with extensive security around the building expected to search everyone in the courtroom twice. TOP HOUSE, SENATE REPUBLICANS OUTRAGED ABOUT TRUMP INDICTMENT: ‘A DARK DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY’ According to legal experts, Trump is likely to be fingerprinted and will take a mug shot, but there is not expected to be a “perp walk” or public arrival for security reasons. Trump is also unlikely to be handcuffed as a result of an arrangement made between the former president’s legal team and the district attorney’s office. Trump and his campaign have already dismissed the charges as an extension of the “witch hunt” he faced while in the White House. “The Manhattan DA’s crusade against President Donald J. Trump is nothing more than political persecution and, just like with every other hoax that President Trump has been targeted with, there is no crime whatsoever, except for election interference by radical Democrats through weaponization of our justice system against President Trump and his supporters,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told the outlet. Even some of Trump’s longtime critics have expressed skepticism at Bragg’s indictment, including 2016 GOP primary rival Jeb Bush. “Bragg’s predecessor didn’t take up the case. The Justice Department didn’t take up the case. Bragg first said he would not take up the case. This is very political, not a matter of justice. In this case, let the jury be the voters,” Bush tweeted on Saturday. Fox News’ Michael Lee contributed to this report. 
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