Newsom recalls seeing brazen theft, refuses photo and asks for manager when worker blames him: LEAKED VIDEO

Gov. Gavin Newsom recalled in leaked footage that a store worker blamed his own policies to his face as they both witnessed a brazen theft unfold in California.The video, first shared on X by a reporter with The San Francisco Standard, showed a portion of a Zoom meeting with Newsom and other elected California officials.The governor said that the exchange came while he was checking out a store and observed a man “just walking out” of the store without paying.”Why aren’t you stopping him,” Newsom said he asked the employee.ZERO CASH BAIL TO BLAME FOR ‘BRAZEN’ SMASH AND GRAB ROBBERIES IN LA, POLICE UNION SAYSNewsom explained that the store employee said they stopped pursuing shoplifters “because of the governor.””We don’t stop them because of the governor,”’ Newsom said. “The governor lowered the threshold and there is no accountability.”After blaming Newsom for the crime, the worker allegedly gave Newsom a second glance and realized who she was speaking with.”And then she looks at me twice, and then she freaks out, calls everyone over. She wants to take a photo,” Newsom recalled to the other elected officials during the Zoom call.”And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not taking a photo, we’re having a conversation. Where is your manager?'” the governor recalled to the elected officials, who were seen laughing.”Why are you blaming the governor,” Newsom said.LOS ANGELES RECRUITS UP TO 6K VOLUNTEERS TO COUNT CITY’S HOMELESS POPULATION AS CRISIS WORSENSAfter the worker attributed the rise in brazen crime to Newsom lowering the “threshold” for serious crimes, the governor pushed back.”That’s just not true,” Newsom told the store’s employee. “We have the tenth toughest in America– look it up, no one gives a d—.”Following the exchange, Newsom asked why he had to pay for his goods while “everyone” could just “walk the h— right out” without facing consequences.BIDEN, DEMS PLANNED TO MAKE AMERICA LIKE CALIFORNIA; THEY SUCCEEDED IN KEY AREAS”I was like, why am I spending $380 and everyone can walk the h— right out,” Newsom said.In a statement to Fox News Digital, a spokesperson for Newsom said that retail theft per capita in California is “17.0% lower than the average among states.”The governor’s office also touted Newsom’s $1.1 billion investment to “fight crime, hire more police, and improve public safety.”The location of the store and the date of the incident were not revealed on the Zoom call.Newsom’s office declined to provide further details on the incident to Fox News Digital.Fox News’ Jamie Joseph contributed to this report.
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