Nikki Haley raises $4 million over ‘unhinged’ Trump comments leveled at her: ‘We had a little fun’

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said on Saturday that she has raised around $4 million thanks to former President Trump’s “temper tantrums” this week. Speaking to an audience in Maudlin, South Carolina, Haley spoke positively of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primaries, where she gained nine delegates versus Trump’s 12. “It became a two-person race in New Hampshire, and we got to 43%,” she explained. “And what happened after that was a sight to see because on election night, we were super excited. We had moved 25 points in the three weeks leading up to the election.” Her opponent, Haley said, was not pleased. HALEY FACES GROWING CALLS TO LEAVE 2024 RACE AS RNC NEARLY CONSIDERS DECLARING TRUMP THE PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE “Donald Trump was totally unhinged on this,” the Republican contender said. “Seriously, [he] threw a total temper tantrum and was talking about revenge,” Haley added. “So, after he talked about revenge and had a little something to say about me. That’s fine. We raised $1,000,000 online right after he did that.” Haley, who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Trump, said that she was able to raise an additional $3 million for her campaign from more comments that Trump made this week. “The next day, unhinged again, [Trump] says, ‘For anybody that supports Nikki Haley, you will barred from MAGA.’ So we had a little fun with that. We started selling t-shirts that said ‘Barred Permanently.'” HALEY CAMPAIGN LASHES OUT AT RNC, RONNA MCDANIEL OVER RESOLUTION TO DECLARE TRUMP PRESUMPTIVE GOP NOMINEE “We sold 10,000 T-shirts. We raised another $1.6 million.” The candidate then criticized Trump for allegedly trying to “push [her] out” using the Republican National Committee. “[Donald Trump] can’t bully his way to the White House,” It’s not going to work,” she continued. “And after he did that, we raised another $1.4 million.” The former South Carolina governor has been strategically questioning Trump’s credibility. On Friday, Haley took aim at the former president’s “confused” mental state after he reportedly said that E. Jean Carroll was running for office. “Wait a second, did Trump just say the person suing him is ‘running for office?’ Is he confused again?” Haley wrote on X. “I was not in a New York City courtroom yesterday, any more than I was in charge of security at the Capitol on January 6. I was in South Carolina meeting with voters. They’d like to see a debate between me and Trump.” Fox News Digital’s Brandon Gillespie contributed to this report.
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