Nikki Haley slams reporter for asking about her outfit at daughter’s wedding

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Hailey aired out a reporter’s email seeking comment on the “slight backlash” over an outfit she wore to her daughter’s wedding, saying such instances are why “people don’t trust the media.” On April 16, Haley posted a photo of herself at her daughter’s wedding donned in what appeared to be an off-white dress. The post led to some commenters criticizing her outfit for being too close in color to her daughter’s wedding dress.  The reactions subsequently led to several media pieces on the outfit, including from Newsweek reporter Gerrard Kaonga, who emailed Haley about the ordeal after the Twitter reactions. NIKKI HALEY HAULS IN OVER $11 MILLION IN FIRST SIX WEEKS OF HER 2024 GOP PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN “I wanted to reach out for comment following a slight backlash after Haley shared images from her daughter’s wedding,” Kaonga wrote.  “Some have argued Haley should not have worn her dress as it is too close to the bride’s white,” Kaonga continued. “Does Nikki Haley have any comment regarding this?” Haley then took to Twitter with a screenshot of the media inquiry, saying that reporters who spend their time “harassing” Republicans over outfit choices are why people do not trust the media. HALEY REVEALS PLAYBOOK FOR BEATING TRUMP IN 2024 “This is why people don’t trust the media,” Haley wrote. “Liberal ‘journalists’ spend their time harassing conservatives about their outfit choices. Grow up, [Newsweek].” Haley finished by saying the outfit was gold. Kaonga, meanwhile, published a piece Friday morning titled “Nikki Haley’s Dress at Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Fierce Debate,” which included social media reactions of individuals who ripped Haley’s choice.
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