Nikki Haley’s book confession about changing husband’s name resurfaces: ‘He looks like a Michael’

Nearly 12 years ago, now-Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley wrote about how she renamed her husband, which resurfaced amid the Republican primary. A senior politics correspondent for Vox took to social media on Wednesday and posted an excerpt from her 2012 book “Can’t Is Not an Option” in which Haley recounted how she modified how people refer to her now-husband, Michael Haley. “You may be wondering how ‘Bill’ became South Carolina First Gentleman Michael Haley,” Haley wrote in her book. “After we started dating, I looked at him one day and said, ‘What’s your name?'”  FIRST ON FOX: HALEY MORE THAN DOUBLES HER FUNDRAISING WITH A $24 MILLION HAUL THE PAST THREE MONTHS “‘You know it’s Bill,’ he said, puzzled.” “‘You just don’t look like a Bill. What’s your whole name?'” “‘William Michael.'” “From that point on, I started calling him Michael, and all my friends did the same. When he transferred to Clemson his sophomore year, my friends became his friends, and before we knew it, he was universally known as Michael. Everyone who knew him before I did knows him as Bill, and everyone who met him after I did knows him as Michael.” “He looks like a Michael,” she wrote. HALEY’S MOMENTUM IN THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL RACE APPEARS TO BE PAYING OFF Haley’s ‘renaming’ of her husband appears to have been first reported in 2012 but is widely unknown today. The X post racked up over 1 million views. Haley has experienced momentum in the polls in recent months on the heels of well-received performances in the first three GOP presidential primary debates. She leapfrogged Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for second place in New Hampshire, which holds the first primary and second overall contest in the Republican nominating calendar. She also aims to make a fight of it in Iowa, where the latest polls suggest she is pulling even with DeSantis for a distant second place behind Trump, who remains the front-runner in the GOP nomination race as he makes his third straight White House bid. Haley’s campaign did not provide a comment. Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.
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