NJ Gov. Murphy eyes dropping college requirements for some state jobs

Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order aimed at prioritizing skills and work experience over college degrees for some state jobs in New Jersey. NEW JERSEY GOV. MURPHY UNVEILS $51.3B BUDGET PLAN The order signed Monday directs the state’s civil service commission to identify jobs that require college degrees and determine which should have hiring guidelines revised to emphasize practical skills and experience over academic attainment. Officials said hundreds of applicants each year are rejected “or dissuaded from applying” due to educational requirements for state jobs with salaries that can top $120,000 per year. THOUSANDS OF RUTGERS PROFESSORS, LECTURERS GO ON STRIKE, CITING STALEMATE IN CONTRACT TALKS “Every American should have the ability to attain a good job with growth opportunities and secure their place in the middle class, regardless of whether or not they have a college degree,” Murphy said in a statement. Officials said six other states, including Pennsylvania, have taken similar action to de-emphasize college degrees in hiring.
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