North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum solicits $1 donations in exchange for $20 gift cards

GOP presidential candidate and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is soliciting $1 donations in exchange for $20 gift cards. Burgum, a dark horse candidate for the GOP nomination, needs to drum up his number of unique donors to qualify for the Republican debate stage in August. A WinRed site supported by Burgum’s campaign is designed to do just that: by offering donors a $20 gift card if they donate at least $1, with a limit of one per person. Burgum is one of the wealthiest candidates in the GOP primary field and will be giving away 50,000 gift cards: the equivalent of $1 million. HOW THIS DARK-HORSE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SAYS HE CAN OVERCOME DONALD TRUMP IN 2024 RACE “Donate $1 and receive a $20 gift card!” the website reads in all caps. “The burden on American families caused by the Democrats is unruly, and Joe Biden is doing nothing to fix it,” the website reads. “We want to help, so we’re offering you a $20 gift card, and all you have to do is contribute $1 to claim it.” Burgum spokesperson Lance Trover told Fox News Digital, “Doug knows people are hurting because of Bidenflation and giving Biden Economic Relief Gift Cards is a way to help 50,000 people until Doug is elected President to fix this crazy economy for everyone.” “It also allows us to secure a spot on the debate stage while avoiding paying more advertising fees to social media platforms who have owners that are hostile to conservatives,” Trover added. Burgum’s campaign also posted a tweet on Monday advertising the gift card deal. “People are hurting because of Bidenflation, and giving Biden Economic Relief cards is a way to help 50,000 people until we get in office and fix this crazy economy for everyone!” the tweet reads. Burgum’s apparent donation deal is unique in the landscape of campaigns looking to drum up supporter numbers to hit the 40,000 unique donor minimum and get onto August’s debate stage. Longshot GOP candidate Perry Johnson is giving away t-shirts for $1 while former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson put a button on his website encouraging people to donate to get him across the finish line. “Donate To Get Asa in the Debate!” the button reads. The first GOP presidential primary debate will be hosted by Fox News on August 23, 2023, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fox News Digital’s Paul Steinhauser contributed reporting.
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