North Dakota senator’s son faces upgraded charge in crash that killed sheriff’s deputy

New upgraded charges were approved Thursday for the 42-year-old son of Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., including an upgraded homicide count following a crash that killed a North Dakota sheriff’s deputy. Ian Cramer previously faced a manslaughter charge, but prosecutors have now enhanced the charge to homicide while fleeing a police officer. The homicide charge indicates that the death was caused negligently rather than recklessly, and brings higher maximum penalties than manslaughter. Ian Cramer could face up to 20 years in prison and a possible $20,000 fine. He is charged with nine offenses, including four felonies. Along with the homicide charge, Ian Cramer faces counts of fleeing a police officer, preventing arrest and reckless endangerment.  He also faces drug charges including possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  The drug charges came after authorities said that they found several grams of meth, cocaine and marijuana in a backpack, as well as baggies, rolled up dollar bills, smoking devices and lighters. NORTH DAKOTA SENATOR’S SON CHARGED WITH MANSLAUGHTER FOLLOWING POLICE CHASE THAT KILLED OFFICER During Ian Cramer’s court appearance last week, District Judge Bobbi Weiler set a $500,000 cash bond, which prosecutors requested, and ordered a mental health evaluation. NORTH DAKOTA SENATOR SAYS SON WAS INVOLVED IN POLICE CHASE, CRASH THAT KILLED SHERIFF’S DEPUTY In a previous statement directly following the Dec. 6 crash, Sen. Cramer said that his son was experiencing a mental health episode at the time of the crash that killed 53-year-old Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Martin. The senator said that his son “suffers from severe mental disorders which manifest in severe paranoia and hallucinations” and was with his wife, Kris, when he insisted on going to visit his brother Ike, who died in 2018. According to a press release from the Bismark Police Department, deputies responded to Sanford Hospital at 4:30 p.m on Dec. 6 regarding reports of damage to an overhead door in the ambulance bay. Authorities said that Sen. Cramer’s wife, Kris, took their son to the local hospital during a mental health episode, but Ian Cramer fled from the hospital, stole his mother’s SUV, and rammed the vehicle into the doors of the ambulance bay. When officers arrived at the scene, the 42-year-old had fled that scene, but a cellphone tracking device confirmed to police that he was still in the stolen car. Authorities said that multiple agencies worked together to track Ian Cramer, and he was eventually taken into custody. Police said that during the pursuit, Ian Cramer crashed into Martin’s police cruiser, immediately killing him. Sen. Cramer’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.
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