NRCC drops ‘March to the Left Madness’ bracket as NCAA tournament kicks off

FIRST ON FOX: The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) dropped its “March to the Left Madness” bracket as the national college basketball championship tournament kicked off shortly after noon on Thursday. Fox News Digital obtained the NRCC’s own version of a March Madness bracket featuring controversial statements and decisions from Democrats that march to the left of American politics. The bracket features a robust lineup of quotes and questionable choices from independent and Democrat politicians facing off against each other tournament-style for the championship. NRCC GIVES EMBATTLED KATIE PORTER A VALENTINE VOWING TO ‘FLIP THIS SEAT’ IN 2024 “Coach Hakeem Jeffries is brand new to the dance, but House Democrats are just as dangerous as when led by long-time coach Nancy Pelosi,” NRCC national press secretary Will Reinert told Fox News Digital. “They have Joe Biden on the team — who constantly goes for the triple-double: rising crime, higher prices, and lower wages,” Reinert continued. “If they have a weakness, they tend to commit flagrant fouls, leaving the American people unable to rebound.” “While they are effective at running up the score on your heating and grocery bills, their defense at our border and against adversaries like China is nonexistent. While Republicans look to dish out assists to help with inflation, Democrats’ reckless spending bust budgets and box working people out from paying their bills. This team lost the majority in 2022, and it’s hard to see them doing anything that will cause people to cheer this year.” With several entrants, the bracket has a plethora of contenders of memorable moments, such as “trying to abolish dishwashers.” Another entry is “Biden Admin appointing a luggage thief” which is facing off against “Executive Orders from Biden threatening the Second Amendment” in the first round. The fan-favorite “Defund the police” also made an appearance, taking on a newer addition to the fray, “No outrage with Biden allowing a Chinese spy balloon to — well — spy.” Other contenders include “Drag Queen Story Hour;’” “spending over $1.9 trillion to jack up inflation;” “pretending ‘CRT doesn’t exist’ in public schools;” and “Latinx.” One first-round matchup to watch is the battle of the refusals between “refusing to call for Biden to visit East Palestine” amid the toxic chemical spill and “refusing to denounce socialist dictators.” Another is the bout between “Medicare for All” and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) “improperly accessing private military records.” The bracket comes as several Democrats have announced a run against President Biden in 2024, or are rumored to be considering a run. Thursday marked the beginning of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) national tournament, bringing March Madness back to America. Sixty-four stellar teams will battle it out for the nation’s top collegiate basketball achievement, including staple teams Duke University and the Baylor Bears, who won the national championship in 2020.
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