NY court to snoop on Trump Organization finances for 3 years, judge orders

The judge in former President Trump’s New York civil fraud case has ordered the court to monitor the Trump Organization’s finances for three years.Judge Arthur Engoron, who ruled on the civil fraud case that ultimately slapped Trump with his $464 million judgment, made the order to monitor the Trump Organization on Thursday.”Based on the Court’s findings in its February 16th Order, the Court ordered the continued monitoring of Defendants’ financial and accounting practices and disclosures, including and enhanced role for the Monitor, for a period of no less than three years, as well as the appointment of an Independent Director of Compliance,” Engoron wrote in the Thursday order.NY AG ASKS COURT TO IGNORE TRUMP CLAIM THAT POSTING $464M BOND IS ‘PRACTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY’Retired federal Judge Barbara Jones, who has monitored the Trump Organization’s finances as part of a preliminary injunction in 2022, will continue in her role for the next three years.NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL TAUNTS TRUMP ABOUT INTEREST HE OWES ON CIVIL FRAUD JUDGMENTThe monitor will allow reviews of the organization’s internal accounting records, recordkeeping, financial reporting policies and more.The Trump Organization will be required to provide the monitor with monthly bank statements, notify the monitor at least five business days before major cash or asset transfers, and inform the monitor about debt restructuring or payment.Most relevant to the case, the organization must also disclose efforts to obtain surety bonds.Quarterly reports on these and other financial data points will be prepared for the court.”Defendants shall not evade the terms of this Monitorship Order by transferring assets, reincorporating existing business entities in other forms or jurisdictions, modifying entity ownership, or any other form of restructuring or change in corporate form,” the order from Engoron states.Jones will also be able to advise the court on orders to change operations within the Trump Organization.
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