NYC mother says Alvin Bragg’s office treated her ‘like garbage’ after ‘brutal slaughter’ of her veteran son

A New York City mother testified that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office treated her and her family “like garbage” as she sought the prosecution of those responsible for the death of her son. Madeline Brame appeared before the House Judiciary Committee’s field hearing in NYC on Monday, testifying about her son’s murder and the years-long court battle that followed. Brame blasted both Bragg’s handling of the case and the larger New York judicial system, saying millions of taxpayer dollars were being wasted even as crime spiked. Bragg has left “all types of criminal elements free to do what they want, when they want, however they want, to whomever they want with no consequences–no deterrence,” Brame testified. “Millions and billions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars are going to fund organizations that are doing absolutely nothing to deter this crime.” “I propose that not another dime of our federal tax dollars be pumped into [soft policing organizations] until they can produce measurable outcomes of the effectiveness of what they are doing with our tax dollars,” she continued. “And as for this district attorney’s office, if he is receiving one penny of federal dollars, you need to pull that funding until he starts doing his damn job and prosecuting crime.” PROTESTERS GET PHYSICAL OUTSIDE NYC COURTHOUSE BEFORE TRUMP ARRAIGNMENT Brame’s son, Hason Correa, was stabbed nine times in front of his father in 2018. His attackers were alleged to be Mary Saunders, her brother and another man. Prosecutors worked on the case for more than four years, but Bragg’s office was unable to prove that Saunders had knowingly assisted Correa’s murder. “Mary Saunders, the sister involved in the homicide, [Bragg] dismissed her indictment and recharged her with assault with a shoe, and sentenced her to one year time served. Travis Stewart — [Bragg] dismissed his gang assault and murder indictment and sentenced him to attempted gang assault,” Brame said. Brame added that both Saunders and Stewart were “clearly, on video, participating in the brutal, savage slaughter of my son.” Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., later pointed out that two of the suspects were convicted and are serving life sentences for killing Correa. SLAIN ARMY VET’S MOTHER BLAMES BAIL REFORM FOR LETTING ACCUSED MURDERER WALK FREE Brame was one of many witnesses who testified during Monday’s field hearing, which Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, convened in an effort to highlight New York City’s crime problem. Jordan has argued that Bragg should be more focused on violent crime than prosecuting former President Trump.
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