Oversight Dem linked to consultants managing group funneling millions into torpedoing Biden investigations

A Democratic congressman tasked with pushing back against Republican investigations into President Biden, his administration, and the president’s son, Hunter Biden, has links to a major consultancy that manages a fund funneling millions to a group attempting to torpedo those very investigations, Fox News Digital has discovered. Through his family foundation, Rep. Daniel Goldman, D.-N.Y, a member of the House Oversight Committee, has ties to Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C., consulting firm that overlooks the largest dark money network in the country. Arabella Advisors manages the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which has bankrolled the Congressional Integrity Project, a group of liberal operatives working behind the scenes with Democrats in attempts to smother the Biden investigations by Goldman’s GOP colleagues on the Oversight Committee. Goldman, a wealthy heir to the Levi Strauss jean company fortune, acted as the lead Democratic counsel for President Trump’s first impeachment, making him a valuable asset for Democrats on the powerful Oversight Committee, where he’ll serve as a main counterpunch to Republican investigators. “Representative Goldman’s deep-seated financial ties to a dark money network that is attempting to influence the Oversight Committee are extremely problematic,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, told Fox News Digital. “How can Goldman be trusted to execute his duties ethically when he seems so fraught with conflicts himself?” DEMOCRATIC REP. DAN GOLDMAN SAYS TRUMP, BIDEN CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT SCANDALS ARE ‘APPLES AND ORANGES’ Goldman’s ties to Arabella Advisors lie with his family foundation, the Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation, which works to “promote equality” and reduce “barriers to opportunity across generations for our nation’s most disadvantaged.” According to tax forms, Goldman held several roles at the foundation, which he typically operated alongside a few other family members. In 2012, he became its secretary; in 2018, he also took over its treasurer responsibilities.  The same year he became its treasurer, Goldman’s family foundation moved its books into the care of Arabella Advisors. But even before the influential firm took over its books, the foundation had paid Arabella Advisors hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees dating back to 2013, its tax forms show. The foundation has also doled out more than $1.2 million to the New Venture Fund, an Arabella Advisors-managed dark money nonprofit incubator, for endeavors. Goldman’s 2022 financial disclosure shows that he had shifted his position to the sole family foundation board member reported on previous years’ tax forms. Arabella Advisors, meanwhile, manages the Sixteen Thirty Fund, another dark money nonprofit incubator that pushes hundreds of millions of dollars into left-wing causes and initiatives each year. In 2020 and 2021, the Sixteen Thirty Fund funneled $1.5 million into the Congressional Integrity Project, the Washington Examiner first reported, which was nearly all of the Congressional Integrity Project’s cash during that time.  The Sixteen Thirty Fund told the publication that they’re “proud to support efforts to strengthen integrity and transparency in government” and that their grants to the Congressional Integrity Project “funded important research to ensure effective, ethical leadership in Washington.” ARABELLA ADVISORS: FIRM OVERLOOKING MOST POWERFUL LEFT-WING DARK MONEY NETWORK IN AMERICA EXPANDS OPERATIONS Despite receiving the cash, the Congressional Integrity Project, launched in 2020, had gone dormant for some time. It resurfaced late last year following the midterm elections to begin preparing to push back against the Biden investigations, primarily by setting its sights on the Republicans conducting them. Politico reported last November that the group remobilized by launching a multi-million dollar hub to counter Republican investigative efforts, including rapid response teams, researchers, pollsters, and a media campaign to put Republicans “squarely on the defense,” Kyle Herrig, a Congressional Integrity Project founder, told the publication.  Herrig said his group would act as the party’s “leading war room” to dent Republican investigators. A person familiar with its plans said they had briefed Democratic leadership on the group’s operations last year, and they’ve since reportedly held calls with top party lawmakers. House Oversight Republicans will zero in on various issues, ranging from the border crisis to the Biden family’s domestic and international business dealings. Goldman’s office did not respond to a Fox News Digital inquiry on his ties to Arabella Advisors and if the Congressional Integrity Project had ever briefed him or anyone on his staff. His family foundation and the Congressional Integrity Project also did not respond to requests for comment. LIBERAL DARK MONEY GROUP FORMS TO PUSH BACK AGAINST ANTI-CRT EFFORTS IN SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY Arabella Advisors overlooks America’s largest liberal dark money network and recently expanded its operations by acquiring the New York-based Kiwi Partners, which provides nonprofit accounting and consulting services. The expansion happened as the nexus continued its operations as the pinnacle dark money network, further showing how Democrats have exploited anonymous donations while publicly railing against their political influence. The five Arabella Advisors-managed funds – the Sixteen Thirty, New Venture, Hopewell, Windward, and North funds – experience massive cash flows that include billions of dollars raised and poured into progressive causes and initiatives across the country. Many of the most prominent Democratic donors in the nation funnel cash to endeavors housed at the funds. “As we’ve stated repeatedly, Arabella Advisors is a business dedicated to making philanthropic work more efficient, effective, and equitable,” an Arabella spokesperson previously told Fox News Digital. “Our nonprofit clients hire us to provide HR, legal, payroll and other administrative services—and, like all service providers, we work for our clients, not the other way around. They make their own decisions on strategy, fundraising, and programmatic goals.” Groups tied to the network also work behind the scenes on Biden initiatives. For example, Governing for Impact, a group fiscally sponsored by the New Venture Fund and bankrolled by a George Soros nonprofit, has worked with Biden’s administration to shape policy, Fox News Digital previously reported.  Arabella Advisors did not respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment on this story.
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