Pentagon goes on AI hiring spree to bring machine learning capabilities to the battlefield

The Pentagon is hiring data scientists, technologists and engineers as part of its effort to incorporate artificial intelligence into the machinery used to wage war. The Defense Department has posted several AI jobs on over the last few weeks, including many with salaries well into six figures. One of the higher paying jobs advertised in the last few weeks is for a senior technologist for “cognitive and decision science” at the U.S. Navy’s Point Loma Complex in San Diego. That job starts at $170,000 and could pay as much as $212,000 year for someone who can help insert “cutting-edge technology” into Navy weaponry and equipment. NAVY SEES AI IN ITS FUTURE BUT ADMITS ‘WE STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN’ That includes technologies such as “augmented reality, artificial intelligence, human state monitoring, and autonomous unmanned systems.” The Navy is also looking to hire a manager at Naval Information Warfare Systems Command in South Carolina to work on adding AI applications to support the “expeditionary warfighting, decision intelligence and support functions of the military,” and a data scientist to help look for ways to incorporate AI into the decision-making processes of Naval Special Warfare Command. This month, Chief of Naval Operations Michael Gilday said the Navy was moving quickly to use AI and said he imagined the use of “minimally manned” ships before moving to fully autonomous ships.AI CHATBOT CHATGPT CAN INFLUENCE HUMAN MORAL JUDGMENTS, STUDY SAYS The Department of Defense’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) is also looking to hire two AI experts at jobs that start at $155,000. CDAO, which was established last year, is working to accelerate the use of AI to “generate decision advantage” in wartime – the office is looking to hire a supervisory program manager and a supervisory computer scientist. Elsewhere, the Air Force is looking to hire a senior scientist in the field of “human machine teaming” who will guide programs in which “humans, machines, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and technology-centric solutions are the focus of the research.” That job, based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, starts at $156,000. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT STEP IN? AMERICANS WEIGH IN The U.S. Army’s Futures Command headquarters in Austin, Texas, is hiring a systems integration director to work with AI and other technology to “provide warfighters with the concepts and future force designs needed to dominate a future battlefield.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP  And the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Springfield, Virginia, is looking for a senior scientist for analytic technologies to research “machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to automate the analysis of images, video or other sensor data; modeling for anticipatory intelligence; human-machine teaming,” among other things. That job starts at $141,000 per year.
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