Pentagon mistakenly touts Pride Month in PTSD awareness post

The Department of Defense (DoD) made an embarrassing error on social media on Saturday after it appeared the department mixed up Pride Month and PTSD Awareness Month.In an X post published on Saturday afternoon, the Pentagon explained that June marks PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) Awareness Month. The commemorative month was first recognized by the U.S. government in June 2014, a year before June also officially became Pride Month.”June is PTSD Awareness Month and the DoD is committed to supporting service members and veterans affected by PTSD,” the post read. “If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available,” the DoD added. “You are not alone.”NATIONAL PARK SERVICE REVERSES BAN ON EMPLOYEES WEARING UNIFORMS AT PRIDE EVENTS FOLLOWING LGBTQ BACKLASHBut the picture attached to the post read “Celebrate Pride Month 2024″ with a Progress Pride Flag graphic. The tweet was later deleted and replaced with a PTSD Awareness Month graphic.The social media post was seen by a fraction of the department’s 6.5 million followers. After the tweet was redone, social media users taunted the department for making the error in the first place.”The internet is FOREVER,” one X user wrote.”I’ve got PTSD from having LQBTQ propaganda shoved in my face for the same month,” another said.NBC MARKS PRIDE MONTH WITH DOCUMENTARY ON ‘QUEER’ ANIMALSIn March, the Biden administration also faced social media backlash for announcing the first federally-recognized Transgender Day of Visibility on the Sunday on which Easter fell. The holiday has been celebrated on March 31 since 2009, but Republican politicians criticized Biden for announcing the move on the most important Christian holiday.”Joe Biden has proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility,’” Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W.Va., wrote on X. “What a coincidence on the timing, right? This is a direct assault on Christianity. Yet another attack on religion and traditions by this administration.”Tennessee Republican Rep. Diana Harshbarger also interpreted the announcement as an attack against Christianity. “This is a direct assault on Christianity. It’s evident the left is determined to undermine our religion and traditions,” Harshbarger wrote on X. “This isn’t just blatant disregard, it’s intentional.”Fox News Digital reached out to the DoD for comment, but officials did not reply in time for publication.
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