Pompeo meets Zelenskyy in Kyiv visit, tells Fox arming Ukraine is ‘least costly way to move forward’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday, voicing support for further U.S. funding arming the nation’s military. During his time in Ukraine, Pompeo spoke with a large swath of national leaders, including lawmakers, military representatives and more. His visit highlighted ongoing support for U.S. assistance to the county’s fight to repel Russian invading forces. “The least costly way to move forward is to provide the Ukrainians with what they need now, provide them with the tools and resources that they need today,” Pompeo told Fox News. He continued, “An extended conflict, a conflict that results in Vladimir Putin in control of Kiev or moving on to Europe will be far more costly than the American people, than providing them these weapons quickly, effectively training them and ending this.” PUTIN NAMES US A ‘MAJOR RISK’ TO RUSSIAN SECURITY IN LATEST FOREIGN POLICY DOCTRINE The former CIA director said he did not expect the Russian invasion of Ukraine to end in outright victory for either side. Instead, he speculated, negotiations would bring it to a close. “We know that conflicts like this almost always result, are resolved, through a negotiation, but it is seldom the case that one just completely overwhelms the other. This is likely to end that way too,” Pompeo said. He continued, “What we need to make sure for American interests is we need to make sure that this ends in a way that creates the permanency, so we don’t find ourselves back in this place again.” The former secretary of state also emphasized the necessity of involving other nations in the ongoing support of Ukraine – most specifically in Europe. “We should do two things. We should provide them the things that we can. And we should demand that other nations, not just Europe, but certainly Europe, step in and do their part as well. That’s important. . “This needs to be not just an American support of Ukraine, but the world standing up to Vladimir Putin, who has so viciously attacked a sovereign nation,” he concluded
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