Protester arrested as demonstrators confront police at DC statehood rally ahead of Senate vote on crime bill

Protesters confronted police on Capitol Hill after a demonstrator was handcuffed during a rally to support statehood for the district.  Demonstrators gathered in Columbus Circle on Wednesday before heading toward to the Capitol. The rally was scheduled ahead of an anticipated Senate vote on Wednesday that was expected to overturn a Washington, D.C., law for the first time in decades.  WATCH MORE FOX NEWS DIGITAL ORIGINALS HERE U.S. Capitol Police lined the sidewalks while demonstrators protested outside the Capitol, chanting for the federal government to take their “hands off D.C.” But the protest turned hostile after officers handcuffed a demonstrator for allegedly defacing the sidewalk. SENATE DEMOCRAT LEADER SCHUMER SAYS HE’LL VOTE WITH GOP ON OVERTURNING CONTROVERSIAL DC CRIME BILL Protesters surrounded the police and shouted as the woman was escorted away. Other demonstrators at the scene claimed the message, which read “u got blood on ur hand,” was written with makeup and wasn’t a crime.  THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE: HOW BIDEN’S NON-VETO ON DC CRIME BILL HELPS BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS One protester yelled through a megaphone at the cops for “always making s*** violent.” Another put up her middle fingers to an officer. Others chanted “don’t be a violent cop” as the police blocked off the site with crime scene tape.  The Republican-led resolution was put forth in Congress to block a bill passed by D.C.’s city council that would reduce maximum penalties for various crimes, including burglaries, robberies and carjackings. Some Democrats supported the Senate resolution and President Biden tweeted that he would not veto it if it came to his desk despite his overall support for D.C. statehood and home-rule.  To see more from the Washington, D.C., protest, click here. 
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