‘Putting our girls at risk’: Biden’s Title IX changes challenged by nearly 70 GOP lawmakers

A group of nearly 70 House Republicans are moving to block the Biden administration’s recent Title IX reforms that expand protections for transgender students.Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., led 67 GOP lawmakers on a bill earlier this week that would reverse the new Department of Education policy.”Joe Biden is undermining years of progress women have made in securing their rights under Title IX. For more than half a century, Title IX has protected women and girls, ensuring they have equal opportunities in education,” Miller argued in a statement.”However, the Biden Administration is putting our girls at risk by allowing men to access women and girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. This divergence is a blatant violation of the protections Title IX was meant to guarantee, and it undermines the very foundation of women’s rights and security in their private spaces.”SIX STATES SUE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OVER NEW TITLE IX PROTECTIONS FOR TRANS ATHLETES IN GIRLS’ SPORTSThe bill is supported by House Education and Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., and House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., the No. 4 House Republican leader.Title IX is a longstanding civil rights law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in schools and other education centers that receive federal funding.The latest update, from April, expands the definition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity – a move that critics say would undermine hard-won protections for women and girls. GOP SENATOR LEADS CHARGE TO RECOGNIZE ‘AMERICAN GIRLS IN SPORTS DAY’ AMID BIDEN’S TITLE IX OVERHAULLGBTQ+ advocates, however, have hailed the change as necessary to protect transgender students. The rule is set to take effect Aug. 1.Foxx said the rule change “hacks Title IX into pieces and expunges decades of progress for women and girls across the nation.””This is a clear and present threat, and one that cannot go unaddressed,” Foxx said.RILEY GAINES SLAMS NEW TITLE IX PROTECTIONS AS THE ‘MOST ANTI-WOMAN’ PURSUIT OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATIONCLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs of mid-May, there are multiple lawsuits against the Biden administration over the rule change from at least 26 different GOP-led states.The most recent lawsuit was filed by the attorneys general of Kansas, Utah, Alaska and Wyoming.Fox News Digital reached out to the Education Department for comment.
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