Rep. Ciscomani scolds Biden’s handling of economy in State of the Union rebuttal: ‘Buying eggs is a luxury’

Immediately following President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening, Rep. Juan Ciscomani gave the Spanish version of the Republican rebuttal. In his remarks, Ciscomani, R-Ariz., highlighted a contrast between Biden’s comments, praise, and optimism about the state of the county, with the crippling inflation, deadly drugs, and surging violence that many Americans face every day. “President Biden wants to tell you that everything is great, but why aren’t people feeling great?” Ciscomani asked. “The American dream feels more unattainable, and sadly, President Biden fails to show leadership and present any viable solution.” “The results speak for themselves. The cost of living is out of control,” the lawmaker continued. “The price of milk and bread continues to rise, and buying eggs is now a luxury. Gas prices are still too high which impacts everything we buy. It’s nearly impossible to buy a house due to high prices and high-interest rates.” SEN. HAWLEY SHREDS BIDEN’S COMMENTS ON CHINA DURING STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS: ‘ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER’ The freshman member added: “Deadly drugs like fentanyl continue to take thousands of lives and destroy families. In my home county in Southern Arizona, fentanyl overdoses are the number one cause of death among young people — outpacing car crashes.” “But sadly, this is happening across the country. It’s a crisis, and it’s only gotten worse,” he also said. Ciscomani urged Americans and his colleagues to stand up against Biden’s policies. AHEAD OF BIDEN STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, COUNTRY DISSATISFIED WITH STATE OF THE UNION AFTER MULTIPLE CRISES “Now, more than ever, we need to fight for the values that made it possible for so many to live the American Dream,” the lawmaker said. “Unfortunately, President Biden and his administration continue to push policies that hurt our families.” During the State of the Union Tuesday evening, Biden said the union “was strong” and falsely claimed he created 12 million jobs. Biden also addressed some pressing issues facing Americans but failed to offer “any answers,” the Republican said. “He hasn’t had any answers and clearly still doesn’t.” “As House Republicans, we have already begun to offer a different direction to address the most significant issues impacting American families,” he added. SARAH SANDERS DELIVERS GOP REBUTTAL TO BIDEN SOTU, SAYS AMERICANS HAVE A CHOICE ‘BETWEEN NORMAL OR CRAZY’ “Under the leadership of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, we have made a ‘Commitment to America,’ a commitment to every American, that prioritizes a strong economy, to secure our nation, for a future based on freedom and an accountable government,” Ciscomani said. The Republican plan includes protecting and strengthening the “future of Social Security and Medicare. Cuts to these programs are off the table,” he said. The government also needs to “fight inflation and reduce the cost of living by curbing excessive government spending that raises prices of daily consumer products.” Biden should also “increase border security, infrastructure, and advanced technology to prevent illegal drug trafficking and human trafficking exploitation; ensure that all students can succeed and give parents a voice in their child’s education; protect our National Security by supporting our troops, investing in an efficient and effective military, and defending our veteran’s health and economic needs,” Ciscomani said. While Biden briefly addressed China and the potential threat that looms, the Republican said Biden ought to “recognize the serious threat that China poses to our security, freedom and prosperity.” BIDEN VOWS ‘NOTHING’ DIFFERENT IN NEXT TWO YEARS DESPITE MAJORITY SAYING US HEADED IN ‘WRONG DIRECTION’ He should also “address energy independence, reduce the price of gasoline and electricity, reduce crime and protect public safety.” “We need a government that is accountable to its citizens. Not leaders with excuses and their focus on criticizing the other party than finding real solutions. We can do better. We must do better,” the lawmaker said. “This is how we’re going to protect the American Dream.” “There are millions of people who have had the opportunity to create their own success story, just like mine,” he concluded. “That’s why it’s important to keep fighting for our country.” Ciscomani represents the 6th Congressional District in Arizona. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave the English Republican rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union. 
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