Rep. George Santos announces re-election bid in New York’s 3rd Congressional District

Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation who has admitted to fabricating large parts of his résumé, announced his candidacy for re-election Monday. “Good isn’t good enough, and I’m not shy about doing what it takes to get the job done,” Santos said in a statement. “I’m proud to announce my candidacy to run for re-election and continue to serve the people of NY-3.”  The freshman congressman flipped New York’s 3rd Congressional District for Republicans last year, partly by selling an inspirational personal backstory to voters that he now admits was largely fictitious.  Santos lied about graduating from Baruch College with a degree in finance, working for Goldman Sachs and Citibank, his purported Jewish heritage, and even his mother’s supposed death on 9/11.  NY REPUBLICAN REP. GEORGE SANTOS TO RECUSE HIMSELF FROM COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS, SOURCES SAY He admitted to being a “terrible liar” in an interview with Piers Morgan, but said that he didn’t think anyone would find out because of his failed election bid in the previous cycle.  “Well, I’ll humor you this. I ran in 2020 for the same exact seat for Congress and I got away with it then,” Santos said.  An ex-staffer accused Santos in January of sexual harassment and violating House ethics’ pay rules. The FBI is also reportedly investigating him for an alleged fake animal charity that he used to swindle $3,000 out of a disabled veteran who raised the funds for his cancer-stricken dog.  The House Ethics Committee voted unanimously to investigate Santos last month.  “The Investigative Subcommittee shall have jurisdiction to determine whether Representative George Santos engaged in unlawful activity with respect to his 2022 congressional campaign; failed to properly disclose required information on statements filed with the House; violated federal conflict of interest laws in connection with his role at a firm providing fiduciary services; and/or engaged in sexual misconduct towards an individual seeking employment in his congressional office,” a letter from the ranking member of the committee read.  Polls indicate that voters in his district have soured on Santos, who became the first openly gay Republican to be elected to Congress.  After the scandals broke, 78% of voters in New York’s 3rd Congressional District said that Santos should resign, including 89% of Democrats and 71% of Republicans, according to a Sienna College poll in late January. 
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