Rep. Mike Collins says staffer robbed at gunpoint in DC, blames ‘pro-criminal policies’

U.S. Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., said one of his staffers was robbed at gunpoint Sunday in Washington D.C. Collins wrote on X that three men attempted to rob the unnamed staffer and a friend in the city’s Navy Yard neighborhood. “One attacker took a watch, the other took a fist to the face,” he wrote. “Our nation’s capital has become a war zone because of pro-criminal policies peddled by D.C.’s government.”DC POLICE OFFICER SHOT DRIVING TO WORK; 2 PERSONS OF INTEREST DETAINED IN MARYLANDHe said the staffer and friend were able to fend off the robbers and were unharmed. Fox News Digital has reached out to the Metropolitan Police Department, as well as Collins’ office. In another post on X, Collins blamed local officials for Washington’s crime woes. “Time and time again D.C.’s leadership proves they are incapable of governing and protecting its citizens,” he wrote. “Violent crime in this city is a problem that affects everyone. It’s unthinkable that drive-by robberies are a normal part of living just a few blocks from the Capitol.”Overall crime in the city is down by 16% as of Monday compared to the same time period in 2023, according to police data. Burglaries were down 23% and robberies declined 29%, according to police figures. 
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