Republicans hammer defiant AG Garland to hand over Biden-Hur audio

Republican lawmakers hammered Attorney General Merrick Garland over his ongoing refusal to release audio from President Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur on Tuesday.The House Judiciary Committee summoned Garland to Tuesday’s hearing to discuss both the audio tape and former President Trump’s felony conviction last week. Garland repeatedly defied Republican demands for the tape, arguing that there is no legal basis for doing so when the transcript has already been released.Garland argued that the DOJ has already “gone beyond precedent” by publicizing the transcript.”We have made clear that we will not provide audio recordings – from which the transcripts you already have were created. Releasing the audio would chill cooperation with the Department in future investigations.  And it could influence witnesses’ answers if they thought the audio of their law enforcement interviews could be broadcast to Congress and the public,” Garland said in his opening statement.TRUMP GUILTY VERDICT REVEALS SPLIT AMONG FORMER GOP PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY OPPONENTSGarland went on to say that lawmakers are seeking the audio for “no legitimate purpose,” and he argued the attempt is part of “a long line of attacks on the Justice Department’s work.”Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., argued the tape is critical to understanding Biden’s “demeanor” during his five-hour interview with Hur.HOW TRUMP GUILTY VERDICTS MAY IMPACT THE 2024 REMATCH WITH BIDEN”What [needs to] be done by this committee is to observe the audio recording of the president testifying to see whether it comports with the transcript or whether it reveals things about his capacity or his veracity or anything else that comes from his demeanor as he is interviewed,” Bishop told Garland.”None of the things you just mentioned are a legislative purpose,” Garland responded. “You have yet to suggest any law that you intend to pass or are thinking about in which the audio would make a difference over the transcript.Republicans on the committee have threatened to hold Garland in contempt of Congress if he continues to refuse to hand over the audio recording.TRUMP LAYS OUT HIS ‘REVENGE’ STRATEGY AFTER CONVICTION MAKES HIM A FELONOther GOP lawmakers questioned Garland regarding Trump’s conviction in New York. Garland repeatedly stated that the DOJ has no control over the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which brought the charges against Trump.
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