RFK Jr. files paperwork to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed paperwork in Pennsylvania to appear on the ballot in this November’s presidential election. The Pennsylvania elections office confirmed Kennedy filed the materials on Thursday, well ahead of the Aug. 1 deadline.The Keystone State is a crucial battleground in the 2024 presidential election and Kennedy’s entry could complicate President Biden and former President Donald Trump’s campaigns.ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR MAKES THE BALLOT IN A KEY PRESIDENTIAL BATTLEGROUND STATEPolls show Kennedy maintains around 10% support in national polls and has seen numbers as high as 15%.Strategists have debated whether Kennedy’s surprising success with citizens disenchanted with the Democratic and Republican parties will pull votes away from Trump or Biden.Kennedy’s independent run has the potential to tip the scales in either direction in states where Trump and Biden are neck-and-neck.TRUMP MOCKS RFK JR FOR NOT MAKING DEBATE STAGE: ‘MAYBE SOMEDAY’Kennedy failed to meet the requirements to appear at the first presidential debate of the 2024 cycle, hosted by CNN.The independent candidate was only able to produce the necessary 15% support figure in three separate national polls, according to a news release by CNN. The network also reported that Kennedy hadn’t qualified for the ballot in enough states to meet the 270 possible electoral college votes threshold.Kennedy claims to have fulfilled the requirements necessary to appear on 22 different state ballots, though not all states have publicly corroborated.”Presidents Biden and Trump do not want me on the debate stage and CNN illegally agreed to their demand,” Kennedy said in a statement on Thursday. “My exclusion by Presidents Biden and Trump from the debate is undemocratic, un-American, and cowardly.”
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