Soros nonprofit donated over $1M to group that previously bailed out suspect charged in deadly Texas shootings

A nonprofit bankrolled by liberal billionaire George Soros provided over $1.2 million to the left-wing group that previously bailed out the individual charged with killing several people in Texas, including his parents. Shane James, 34, is accused of killing six people and injuring others in Bexar County and Austin. James served as a U.S. Army Infantry officer from February 2013 to August 2015 and has been charged with several counts of capital murder.  In January 2022, James was charged with aggravated assault against his mother, father, and sister, Fox San Antonio reported. Bail records showed he was bonded out by the Texas Organizing Project, a nonprofit focused on progressive issues that helped elect Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales and county Sheriff Javier Salazar. Meanwhile, the Texas Organizing Project received hefty donations from Soros’ nonprofit before bailing out James.  TEXAS PROGRESSIVE GROUP PREVIOUSLY BAILED OUT SUSPECT CHARGED IN DEADLY AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO SHOOTING RAMPAGE “The Texas Organizing Project, like its major donor, Mr. Soros, thinks that our Justice system is an arbitrary social construct that can be torn down and reshaped however they see fit with no consequences,” the Capital Research Center’s Parker Thayer told Fox News Digital. “There are always consequences, and this time, six people lost their lives because a billionaire wanted to feel morally superior by funding activists with too many college degrees and not enough common sense.” The Open Society Policy Center, the advocacy nonprofit in the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations network, provided $700,000 to the Texas Organizing Project in 2019 for organizational support.  Later, in 2021, the policy center gave the group $565,000 to “support policy advocacy on democracy reform and government accountability in Texas,” according to its grant database. Soros’ cash accounted for a sizable chunk of the group’s reported money in both of those years. According to the Texas Organizing Project’s tax forms, the group pulled in $2.3 million in donations in 2019, meaning the $700,000 from the Soros nonprofit accounted for roughly 30% of its cash that year. And in 2021, the Texas Organizing Project received $2.4 million, with the Soros contribution making up nearly a quarter of its contributions.  “The violence earlier this week in Texas is horrific and tragic,” an Open Society Spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “We share the sentiments expressed in the Texas Organizing Project’s statement and support the decision to review its programs.” GEORGE SOROS SPENDS BIG IN LAST-MINUTE ATTEMPT TO RESCUE FAR-LEFT TEXAS DISTRICT ATTORNEYS The Texas Organizing Project said it was “profoundly saddened and deeply troubled by the tragic events” in a lengthy statement following the deadly shootings. “Texas Organizing Project (TOP) is profoundly saddened and deeply troubled by the recent tragic events involving Shane James,” the group said. “We condemn his most recent egregious acts, full stop. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the victims and their families during this incredibly difficult time.” “Through our justice program, we bailed out James in coordination with the Bexar County’s public defender’s office, nearly two years ago in February 2022 on misdemeanor charges where his bond fees totaled $300,” it continued. “The events that have unfolded are devastating, and we recognize the pain and suffering this incident has caused. We take our responsibilities seriously and acknowledge that we must address both the immediate impact of this tragedy and the broader implications for our bail program.” James killed six individuals in the hours-long shooting spree on Tuesday, including his parents and four other people. He also left three others injured, including two police officers. The Texas Organizing Project did not immediately respond to a Fox News Digital request for comment on the Soros donations. 
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