‘Squad’ Democrat promotes ‘peace’ in Middle East as hometown ranks among worst for crime

“Squad” member Cori Bush called for “peace” and de-escalation in the Israel-Hamas war, as her hometown – St. Louis – recently ranked as the third “most dangerous” city in the United States.A report released earlier this month from real estate company Norada listed Rep. Bush’s hometown as the third “most dangerous” city in the United States after analyzing FBI data.Only Detroit and Baltimore were deemed more dangerous than St. Louis in the rankings.Norado pointed to St. Louis’ high poverty rates, unemployment and lack of access to quality education and healthcare for creating an environment that reportedly “fosters criminal activity.”DEMOCRAT PRO-ISRAEL GROUP LOOKS TO OUST 2 ‘SQUAD’ MEMBERS FROM CONGRESSOn Wednesday, the Democratic representative called for peace in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war – pointing towards the “toll of violence” overseas. Bush has been one of the leading critics of Israel’s military actions in Gaza.ST. LOUIS JAIL UNDER STATE INVESTIGATION OVER MISMANAGEMENT, ABUSE CLAIMS”In the clouds of political rhetoric and the clamor of war, it is also easy to lose sight of the lives that have been shattered, the futures extinguished by violence, and the profound grief that war leaves in its wake,” Bush said. “We need to confront the harsh realities of war and recommit ourselves to the pursuit of peace.””We are saying no to war. Stop the bloodshed. Stop the violence. Stop the trauma. Just stop,” she said.Bush said that the U.S. “gravitates towards war.””You see, our country knows war. Our country understands war. Our country, it has experienced war on numerous occasions and in numerous places,” she said. “But seldom does our country know peace.””It might make sense that our country would gravitate toward war, but just because it makes sense, doesn’t make it logical or right,” she said.Fox News Digital has reached out to Rep. Bush’s office for comment.
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