Steve Forbes assaulted by protesters at conservative book launch party

Media mogul Steve Forbes said he was assaulted by angry protesters Wednesday night in New York City at a conservative book launch party. Forbes, the 75-year-old CEO of Forbes Media, was in attendance at an event for the launch of a new book written by conservative authors Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz. He said protesters disrupted the event by throwing drinks at him and toppling a book display. “I was talking to co-author Bethany Mandel near the counter where the books were on display. Suddenly a woman seemingly out of nowhere was angrily yelling almost incoherently about matters that weren’t related to the subject of the book,” Forbes recounted to Fox News Digital exclusively. “The books themselves were pushed off the counter loudly landing on the floor while simultaneously she tossed a drink our way,” he said, noting the drink covered him and Mandel. “I joked that a dark suit was an advantage in a situation like this,” he said. IS PROGRESSIVE FEVER FINALLY BREAKING? 5 SIGNS AMERICANS GETTING FED UP WITH WOKE POLITICIANS AND POLICIES Markowicz told the conservative news outlet Daily Wire News, that she saw “two wild-eyed young White women run up to our party and scream ‘Black lives matter!'” “They threw their drinking glasses at the wall where our books were displayed and ran off,” she said. “Suddenly I heard screaming, had books thrown at me, and I was soaking wet,” Mandel told the outlet. “I realized young women with short, dyed blue hair were screaming at us ‘Black lives matter, trans lives matter!’ I tried to talk to them, but they ran off.” The event launched Mandel and Markowicz’s new book, “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” in which the authors “reveal the tenets of the ideological war waged against America’s youth, designed to exploit, terrify, and, ultimately, indoctrinate them.” IOWA BILL PUSHES TO HALT ‘WOKE AGENDA’ IN STATE UNIVERSITIES, ELIMINATE DEI SPENDING, LAWMAKER SAYS At the conclusion of the event as guests were leaving, another group of young women lingered in the doorway yelling at attendees fascists and shouting homophobic slurs. “Wokeism is poisoning young brains. It’s the thesis of the book, and the young deranged women who protested the party are exactly what we warn about in our book: angry, irrational and uninformed,” Mandel told Fox News Digital in a statement. “They parroted the approved chants about black and trans lives mattering. They didn’t know what they were protesting, just that we were dissidents,” she said. “They are exactly what our readers don’t want their kids turning into,” she added. PAPER RIPPED FOR REPORTING ON REPUBLICANS’ ‘STRUGGLE’ TO DEFINE WOKE: ‘THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A NEWS ARTICLE?’ Mandel, an author and homeschooling mother of six, says she has avoided sharing photos of her children’s faces in public because “it was clear that a large number of leftists are unhinged and willing to target children.” “The fact that my newborn baby narrowly missed being assaulted at his mother’s book party speaks to how right I was to protect my children from the public,” she said.
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