Swing state House hopeful changes tune after scrubbing violent crime defenses from law firm website

FIRST ON FOX: A Republican and local attorney running to unseat a Democrat in a battleground House district appears to have scrubbed his law firm’s website of work it had done defending people accused of violent crimes prior to launching his campaign for Congress last year.Tayler Rahm, who runs Rahm Law, PLLC in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is running to represent the state’s 2nd Congressional District, a seat currently held by Democrat Rep. Angie Craig and being targeted as a top flip opportunity by national Republicans.Rahm launched his campaign in June of last year, but with a notable change to his firm’s website that excluded references touting its experience with “many major felony cases including: drugs, assault, criminal sexual conduct, theft/embezzlement, murder and more” that still appeared on the site just months earlier.NEW JERSEY DEMOCRAT FACING PRESSURE TO RESIGN AFTER MOCKING EASTER ONLINE WITH DRAG, ABORTION REFERENCES”There is no case too small or too big for the Law Firm, as Mr. Rahm has been involved in hundreds of DUI/DWI cases achieving incredible results and he has been involved in many other major Cases,” the firm’s website now reads.Rahm previously served as the defense attorney during the sentencing phase for a man convicted of sexually assaulting a pre-teen girl, in addition to defending an individual convicted of possessing child pornography, and another individual convicted of first-degree murder.It is unclear exactly when or why the change to the website was made. However, since launching his campaign, he has dedicated part of his platform to addressing “out-of-control” crime.”Tayler has had a front row seat to witness the progressive prosecutors and progressive judges create a standard that erases or lessens the consequences of criminal actions, thus emboldening the criminals,” Rahm’s campaign website says. DEM CAMPAIGN CALL REVEALS PANIC MODE OVER RFK JR.’S WHITE HOUSE BID, SCRAMBLE TO SAVE BIDEN RE-ELECTION HOPES”It is time to reduce violent crimes by arresting, prosecuting and sending violent criminals to prison. This is an urgent issue that cannot wait and we must be proactive because if we continue to wait, the violent crime and massive amounts of illegal drugs will be in our neighborhoods and our children’s school before we know it,” it adds.When reached for comment, Rahm did not address the website change, but instead told Fox News Digital that through his experience as a trial attorney, he had “a front-row seat to the two-tier justice system in this country.””We have seen corrupt prosecutors across the country go after Donald J. Trump, and here in Minnesota, we have watched the U.S. Attorney’s office and Attorney General’s office target and convict law enforcement officers,” Rahm said. “It is not defense lawyers who create the two-tier justice system but prosecutors.” “If we live in a country where they can go after President Donald Trump and Law Enforcement, everyone should have a defense lawyer on speed dial,” he said. HILLARY CLINTON WADES INTO CRUCIAL BATTLEGROUND SENATE RACE THAT COULD DETERMINE BALANCE OF POWERRahm went on to blast an unnamed primary opponent — likely Marine veteran and former federal prosecutor Joe Teirab — for giving “sweetheart plea deals” in his former role, and said that the U.S. Constitution “guarantees everyone the right to an attorney, the presumption of innocence and due process.””Prosecutors are signing off on plea agreements, allowing criminals to escape serious consequences. Trust me, I see it every day,” he said. “The D.C. swamp is trying to put its thumb on the scale of picking the MN-02 candidate. Still, the district delegates know who will fight to represent them, not the swamp, and they know who will defend their constitutional rights and civil liberties.”Rahm faces two Republican opponents in the GOP primary field, including Teirab, and Mike Murphy, a former mayor. The winner will face Craig, who is running unopposed in the Democratic primary.Elections analysts rate the race as “lean Democratic.” Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.
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